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Most people come to visit Zadar in summer, taking in the stunning Dalmatian coast and its important Roman ruins. But don’t skip over visiting Zadar at Christmas! Here’s everything you need to know to plan the perfect Zadar Christmas Market visit so you can enjoy the festive atmosphere of Advent in Zadar.

We spoke with Martina Crnčević from the Zadar Tourist Board to get the best insider tips so you can plan a flawless visit to Zadar at Christmas.

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Zadar Christmas Market

Where to Stay in Zadar

Here are our recommendations for where to stay in Dubrovnik. We’re in the process of creating comprehensive guides on where to stay in other Croatian cities, including Zadar, but for now, we suggest you use to find the best deals. We prefer them because of their generous cancellation policies (you never know when your travel plans will need to change at the last minute).

Make sure to book as early as possible. Zadar is a popular destination, so rooms can sell out earlier than expected.

Budget accommodation in Zadar: If you are looking for a convenient hotel overlooking the sea, we suggest Hotel Delfin, which has great reviews on One more option in Zadar is Hotel Porto right in the center of town, you can read reviews and book here.

Mid-rage places to stay in Zadar: Are you able to spend a bit more? then we suggest you check Hotel Niko, with beautiful sea views, you can check prices and reviews on If you prefer a classy and elegant place to stay, check the beautiful premises of Silver & Gold Luxury Rooms. You can book a stay at this link.

Luxury accommodation in Zadar: You can upgrade your stay in town by staying at Teatro Verde Boutique Hotel in the heart of the old town. From this hotel, guests love the friendly staff and amazing location, check it here. As an alternative, you can also stay at the comfy Windrose Design Apartments, which has great reviews on

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How to Celebrate Advent in Zadar at the Zadar Christmas Market

Martina was kind enough to answer all of our questions about how to visit. Here’s everything you need to know to attend Zadar Christmas Market.

What are the dates and times for the 2021 Zadar Christmas Market?

Croatia - Zadar - Silhouttes walking along the chrismas decorated cobbled streets of Zadar at night, Croatia, Europe

The Zadar Christmas Market opens in November 2021 and closes in January 2022. 

Where is the market located?

Croatia - Zadar - Zadar Christmas Market

Photo by Fabio Šimićev provided courtesy of the Zadar Tourist Board

The Christmas Market is held on Petar Zoranić Square (Trg Petra Zoranića, 23000). The Ice Skating Rink is located at Kresimir Cosic Sports Hall (Splitska ul. 3, 23000).

The distance between the two locations is about a thirty-minute walk, so plan to use public transportation or make sure to bundle up!

>>Planning to discover Zadar on foot? Check this Zadar walking tour<<

What kind of entertainment will there be for adults?

Croatia - Zadar - Zadar Christmas Market

Photo by Fabio Šimićev provided courtesy of the Zadar Tourist Board

This year’s Christmas Market in Zadar offers a lot of musical concerts, all sorts of dance performances, and exquisite culinary delights. You can find a full event calendar here. If interested in tasting the local food during the Christmas season, then book a wine and food tour of Zadar like this one.

What kind of entertainment will there be for children?

Croatia - Zadar - Zadar Christmas Market

Photo by Fabio Šimićev provided courtesy of the Zadar Tourist Board

Zadar winter fairy tale includes a lot of entertaining workshops, games, and treats for the small ones. There is a magical world of theater included, full of fun and laughter, sure to spark the children’s imagination!

For more information about the Children’s Christmas Market, check here.

What kind of goods will be for sale?

Croatia - Zadar - Mini red pot in ceramic texture in suveinor shop of Zadar, Croatia

Stroll around the City is a traditional part of Zadar Christmas Market, when during Christmas period, all restaurants, shops, and museums with the Stroll Around the City signs and labels will offer affordable festive menus, as well as special offers and discounts, or additional programs as well as discounts on tickets and souvenirs.

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What kind of food and drinks will be available?

Croatia - Zadar - Zadar Christmas Market

Photo by Fabio Šimićev provided courtesy of the Zadar Tourist Board

Like every year at the Zadar Christmas Market, the visitors and the locals will find a wide variety of exquisite, finger-licking good gastronomic delights at the booths on the Petar Zoranić Square. According to connoisseurs, a true feast awaits, and this is what you will have the opportunity to taste at 25 different booths – from codfish and homemade sausages to burgers and sarma.

Is there a ticket price to get into the events?

Croatia - Zadar - Zadar Christmas Market

Photo by Iva Perinčić provided courtesy of the Zadar Tourist Board

All concerts and performances held on Petar Zoranić Square are completely free.

Are there any other special festivities in Zadar this December or January that travelers might want to attend?

Croatia - Zadar - Christmas decoration in Zadar Croatia 2019

A spectacular ski race in the center of the Veli Iž Island is being held for the third time this year. Named the Queen of Iž (Iška kraljica – on December the 19th), the event stands as pretty unique not only in these parts but on a much wider level – it very well might be the world’s first skiing competition hosted by a small island.

Also, there is the Zadar Christmas Run on December the 22nd, where more than 1,000 runners from all parts of the country are expected on this charity run.

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Is there anything else you would want a visitor coming to your town this winter to know before they visit?

Croatia - Zadar - Christmas trees near St. Simon's Church. Zadar. Croatia.

Zadar can’t promise a white Christmas, but it can treat your taste buds and offer you a lot of music and dance!

How can travelers learn more?

Croatia - Zadar - Advent market abstract lights with lens zoom effect with trail of lights,people movement at night. Blured festive highlight results with year 2019 and Kucica Slavonska (Home from Slavonia) lisible

We have our recommendations and resources for visiting Zadar below. I want to thank Martina from the Zadar Tourist Board for answering our questions about this spectacular event! For more detailed information about the market, check out the Zadar Christmas Market website.

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What to Pack for Croatia in Winter

Croatia - Zagreb Christmas Market - Man in winter wear

We have a full Croatia packing list here with winter sections for men and women, but here’s the quick version!

A Guidebook – While travel blogs are great, we also definitely see the benefit of having a good paper guidebook in hand to refer to in your on-the-ground travel. We recommend the Lonely Planet Croatia book.

Winter accessories: Bring a winter scarf like this one (women’s) or this cashmere scarf (men’s) to help block out the wind. We recommend women’s gloves like these which are compatible with your smartphone (for a men’s version, check these). You also lose a lot of heat from the top of your head and ears, so a fleece-lined knit hat (women’s) that you wear tight, like a beanie, is a fantastic choice. Pick a colorful one for cute photos! Here’s a men’s version as well.

An ultra-light down jacket: You can wear this on its own or pair it with a warmer jacket for colder days. This rolls up and packs easily in your day bag so it’s good to bring along – I have one similar to this (women’s) but there’s a men’s version as well. If you want to be warm, or if your trip is mostly focused on Zagreb, the mountains, and northern Croatia, I recommend a winter jacket like this North Face parka which I’ve owned for years and years.

Winter boots: It can be snowy any icy throughout Croatia even at times in the south, as it can snow in Dubrovnik and even get below freezing. For snowy days and super cold weather when you still want to be comfortable, I love these knee-high waterproof Blondo boots and have owned them for over a decade. For men, I suggest a waterproof boot with good traction, like these Timberlands.

Motion sickness pills: Great for bus rides if you’ll be visiting any mountains – I buy these non-drowsy ones. You can also try these natural motion sickness bands which use acupressure to reduce nausea – they work pretty well.

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More Croatia Travel Resources

Croatia - Dubrovnik - Dubrovnik Winter Festival (12 - Press TZGD Dubrovnik Winter Festival (12 - Press TZGD

Headed to Croatia? We have some great travel resources to help you with your trip. First read our guide to planning a trip to Croatia, which covers visas, budgets, vaccines, and much more. We also have a Croatia packing list with a detailed winter section.

If you’ll be in Zagreb, check out our guide to the Zagreb Christmas Market and our list of the city’s best photo destinations. Many of these are decorated even more lovely at Christmas!

If you want to add a few more delightful winter activities to your trip, check out our list of the best things to do in Croatia in winter and our guide to the Dubrovnik Christmas Market.

If you’re still putting together your itinerary, here’s a great list of places to visit in Croatia, our Croatia national parks guide, and the Croatian waterfalls guide to help you choose. We also have a day trip guide for Dubrovnik and Spit if you’re to be visiting these cities as well.

Next, check out our Balkan currency guide which explains how money works in Croatia and local tipping customs.

Of course, if you’re coming to a Christmas market you’ll have lots of opportunities to shop! Read our guide to shopping in Croatia so you know which souvenirs are truly local gems.

If this will be one of your first trips in the Balkans, check out our massive list of things to know before traveling the Balkans as well as our Balkan busroad trip, and itinerary guides. 

We publish new content nearly every day! Bookmark our pages on Croatia and the Balkans so that you don’t miss out on any new info or resources that we publish before your trip!

Don’t Forget About Travel Insurance!

I’m sure you’re aware that travel insurance is a good idea for traveling in Croatia (or really, any part of the world)! Allison and I have both been paying customers of World Nomads for the last three years. We love the peace of mind it gives us in case of emergencies, accidents, illnesses, theft, or trip cancellation or disruption.

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While the Balkans are perfectly safe to travel around, there’s always a risk inherent in everyday travel –especially during the winter!– so it’s better to play it safe.

>> Get a travel insurance quote for your trip here <<

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Zadar Christmas Market


Zadar Christmas Market