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Discovering Ljubljana and Beyond

Slovenia is sometimes a bit of a contentious inclusion in lists of the Balkans. However, as much of Slovenia lies on the Balkan peninsula, and as it was part of Yugoslavia and thus historically quite tied to its Balkan neighbors, we are including it here, the same way that we have included Asian Turkey and Greece’s islands.

Slovenia is a small country with so much to offer. With just over 2 million residents, some 300,000 of whom live in the capital city of Ljubljana, it’s a sparsely populated, nature-loving wonderland that tourists are just beginning to discover and fall in love with. At the crossroads between Italian, Central European, and Slavic culture and history, Slovenia is a mish-mash of influences that has created one unique national identity

While Ljubljana is quirky, cool, beautiful, and basically everything you want in a city, the real draw of Slovenia is its nature. The hiking in Triglav National Park is second to none and the country is known for its beautiful rivers, gorges, mountains, and lakes which awe and inspire. Slovenia is also known for its castles, with the castle-island of Bled being the best-known followed by the stone-hewed Predjama Castle. Slovenia is also home to some of the largest and most impressive caves in the world, so geology nerds rejoice (just me? aight.)

Slovenia is compact with many of its sights easily managed as day trips or as stops on a small but thorough road trip. If visiting in the summer, make sure not to miss its tiny patch of Adriatic coastline, pinched on both sides by Italy and Croatia, which has the beautiful towns of Piran, Koper, and Portoroz squeezed in its small 40-odd kilometer coastline.


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