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Discovering Kotor and Beyond

Montenegro packs a lot into its size as one of the smallest countries in Europe. You’ll find everything from pristine beaches to UNESCO-listed Old Towns to stunning mountain peaks soaring over 2,500 meters in the air. You can ski in winter in Zabljak, sit on the beaches of the Budva Riviera at summer, wander through UNESCO World Heritage Sites, or see some of Europe’s only flamingos in the Ulcinj Salterns.

Kotor is Montenegro’s most famous town, for its beautiful bay of fjords and mountains, its walled Old Town, historic churches, and stunning fortress views. But there’s so much more to Montenegro than just its most photogenic city.

There’s Ulcinj in the south which has beautiful beaches to Zabljak in the north with its stunning glacial lakes and mountains. There’s the deepest canyon in Europe (and second deepest in the world), the beautiful Tara Canyon. There’s the quirky capital city of Podgorica, with its mix of historic buildings and newer concrete blocks. And there’s no shortage of rivers, beaches, lakes, and mountains for nature lovers to enjoy.



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