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If you’ve ever seen photos of Croatia, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen photos of some of Croatia’s waterfalls in Plitvice National Park or perhaps its slightly less famous sibling, Krka National Park.

While these two parks are the best places to chase waterfalls in Croatia, there are also several other waterfalls scattered around the country, perfect if you are planning a Balkan road trip that includes Croatia. We’ve gathered a list of some of the best Croatian waterfalls to help you plan an epic trip.

Combine this list with some of the best places to visit in Croatia or some of the most beautiful islands in Croatia to help you plan to see the best side of Croatia’s mainland and islands.

So pack your camera and tripod, read up on the best long exposure photography tips for waterfalls, and hit the road!

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Map of the Best Croatian Waterfalls

While there are tours to some of these waterfalls in Croatia, without a doubt, the best way to see the best of Croatia’s epic landscape is to rent a car and self-drive!

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Skradinski Buk

Skradinski Buk is a beautiful natural pool at Krka National Park in the county of Sibenik-Knin in Croatia. Its clear aquamarine water comes from a series of waterfalls as tall as 39 feet high.

One of the main reasons to visit Krka National Park is to swim in the beautiful pools that form at Skradinski Buk. If you’re driving from Sibenik, it only takes about 20 minutes from the city center to reach Skradinski Buk at the national park, making it a convenient place to stay when visiting Krka.

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Rastočki Slapovi

Rastočki Slapovi, or the Rastoke Waterfalls, is a hidden gem in Croatia that is not often visited by touristed. It is located close to the city of Slunj in a remote area where two rivers, Slunj Cica and Korana, converge. In addition to the waterfalls, here, you’ll also see an old flour mill that the waterfall powers to this day.

If you want to see this simple but beautiful body of water, you can take a short drive from the city center of Slunj heading to Rastoke. It’s also on the road between Plitvice National Park and Zagreb, making it a great place to stop for a quick waterfall hit if you are road tripping Croatia in search of waterfalls.

Gubavica Vodopad

Gubavica Vodopad is a breathtaking waterfall in Zadvarje, Croatia. Here, a sheet of water drops from approximately 164 feet and falls into a small lagoon at the foot of a canyon.

The best way to travel to Gubavica Vodopad is to rent a car from the town of Split, Croatia, as public transportation can be a bit complicated. Zadvarje is approximately 38 miles from Split, which will require a 50-minute drive. Alternatively, you can also join a tour to be able to visit this gorgeous waterfall.

Slapovi Mrežnice

Slapovi Mrežnice is a short but wide waterfall in the Mrežnica River. It is located in Karlovac County, Croatia. The river is 39 miles long, and it occasionally drops in a series of waterfalls that adventurous water sports enthusiasts love! It’s not particularly impressive to photograph due to its width and short drops, but it’s extremely fun to raft down!

If you’re into rafting, you can head to the Mrežnica river for a day and see Slapovi Mrežnice while you’re there. You’ll also enjoy the view of the beautiful and thick forests that surround the river while you raft down.

Sastavci Waterfalls

Sastavci Waterfalls is located inside the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Croatia. The national park is mostly known for its sixteen interconnected lakes, but there are also gorgeous waterfalls inside it, like Sastavci Waterfalls.

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You can find this 85-foot waterfall on the edge of Novakovica Brod where the Korana river drops. Behind Sastavci, you’ll also see the Great Waterfall, Veliki Slap, which is 256 feet high.

Strbacki Buk

Strbacki Buk is an 82-foot waterfall located on the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, along the gorgeous Una River. The water cascades down different heights, forming a beautiful subject to photograph from all different angles.

At the site of the waterfalls, you can also visit remnants of previous settlements in the area (particularly from the Japodes tribe). When you visit Strbacki Buk, you can combine learning about the region’s prehistory while appreciating its natural beauty.

Gologoricki Dol

Gologoricki Dol is a waterfall located about 3 miles from the town of Cerovlje in Croatia. Both locals and tourists love visiting this gorgeous waterfall, especially in the summer.

The pool at the foot of Gologoricki Dol offers a cool place to take a dip in and swim during the hotter days of the year. If you plan to visit this waterfall, you should also take a hike around the surrounding historical little towns.

Sopot Waterfall

Located in the coastal town of Petrčane in Croatia, Sopot Waterfall is a breathtaking thing of natural beauty. The narrow waterfall drops from the side of a canyon and into the greenest brook your eyes have seen, all underneath a beautiful stone bridge.

There are hiking trails around the waterfall, so you can experience more of the surrounding nature. The great thing about Sopot Waterfall is that it’s not a touristy spot, giving you plenty of privacy when you visit.

Slap Krčić

The best way to experience Slap Krčić is to stop by during your visit to Krka National Park. Slap Krčić is one of several Croatian waterfalls that springs from the Krka river at the Krka National Park in Knin, Croatia.

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This 72-foot waterfall drops into a small green brook below in a beautiful sheet. Unfortunately, Slap Krčić sometimes dries up during the warmest days of the summer, so it’s advisable to visit it before the weather gets really hot.

Manojlovački Slapovi

By Antonio PejićOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Manojlovački Slapovi is another waterfall inside the Krka National Park. It is the tallest in the reserve, measuring a total of 195.5 feet in height. The water cascades down a small pool, and then falls down a shorter waterfall down the Krka River.

You’ll see ruins of old water mills around the area. If you’re visiting the Krka National Park during your vacation seeking waterfalls in Croatia, it is worthwhile to hike just to see this gorgeous waterfall.