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Discovering Zagreb, Dubrovnik, the Islands, and Beyond

Croatia is one of the most popular of the Balkan countries. It numbers only 4.1 million residents, nearly a million of whom live in and around Zagreb, but it welcomed 18.4 million tourists in the last year. So if you’re thinking to yourself that Croatia is off the beaten path, I’m here to burst that bubble for you… it’s an open secret.

However, with over 4,000 kilometers of beautiful Adriatic coastline, over a thousand islands, and countless cities and small villages, there are places in Croatia that aren’t overrun with tourism. And even those that are experiencing a massive tourism boom – cough, Dubrovnik and Split, cough – are still wonderful and become even magical in the off-season, when the tourist crush diminishes to a small trickle.

Favorite islands include Hvar, Korcula, Brac, Vis, and the Elaphiti Islands near Dubrovnik, but there are at least 48 inhabited islands and handfuls more of uninhabited ones waiting to welcome you. Meanwhile, the lesser-visited area of Istria and the Zagorje region offer a glimpse of a pre-tourism boom Croatia, one that you may find yourself wanting to linger in for longer.


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