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Where to Drink in Sofia

Lovely Libations in Bulgaria’s Capital

Sofia is a city that loves to party, and you’ll find people enjoying drinks at pretty much every time of day. It’s not so uncommon to order a cappuccino in a café in the morning and see someone sitting next to you sipping a beer. The city has countless cafés where you can sit and order a beer. In the summer, there are tons of open-air cafés, but even more common is to bring your own bottle and sit and enjoy in one of the city’s many parks.

Zagorka, Kamenitsa, and Stolichno are some of Bulgaria’s most-known beers, but there’s also a vibrant craft beer scene on the rise. Going beyond beer, why not try some delicious local Bulgarian wine? Or perhaps its national spirit, rakia — guaranteed to make you wince!

Sofia also has an up-and-coming cocktail scene which is well-represented throughout the center. Whatever you can dream up, Sofia has: from quiet cafés to trendy cocktail bars, basement speakeasies, nightclubs, dive bars, and more. Here, you’ll find all our best tips and recommendations for making the most of Sofia’s vibrant drinking scene.

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More coming soon

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