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Discovering Skopje and Beyond

Macedonia is a country of over 2 million people, with over half a million living in the capital city, Skopje. This country used to be part of Yugoslavia, hence the less-catchy name that it is sometimes called, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). Due to the ongoing name dispute, what the country should be called depends on who you talk to; we’ve chosen to go with Macedonia, the more common name and the name widely preferred by those who live within the country.

Skopje is the quirky capital, best known for its controversial renovation project, Skopje 2014, which transformed the city with a series of expensive renovations, a lack of restraint, and several hundred – or thousand, no one really knows – statues. While the center is rather gaudy, the quiet, leafy neighborhood of Debar Maalo is where local Skopjans chill, and nearby Mount Vodno and Matka Canyon are popular day trips for those looking to get out into nature.

But Macedonia is so much more than just Skopje. Lake Ohrid is the most photographed place in Macedonia, one of the most postcard-perfect towns you can imagine. But beyond its beautiful lake, it has over 365 historic churches and bragging rights as one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in Europe. Besides Ohrid and Skopje, Macedonia also has delicious wine regions, several national parks, a handful of other interesting cities, and countless places of natural beauty that make this country worth diving deep into.


How to Easily Get From Sofia to Skopje by Bus

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