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The inclusion of Kosovo as a country in our site is sure to irritate some people. While we know that Kosovo is not a UN member nation, we also recognize that 102 out of 193 UN member nations (53%) consider it a country. Furthermore, the country we are both from, the US, has considered Kosovo a country since 2008.

We acknowledge our stance is not uniform throughout the Balkans and is a sore subject for many. However, we consider it a country due to the fact that there are separate passports and passport stamps, distinct visa rules, a different currency, and a different majority language. Whatever you think about Kosovo’s status, there is no denying that traveling Kosovo is not the same as traveling Serbia and requires different considerations when it comes to border crossing, money, transportation, etc.

Political disclaimer aside, we strongly encourage you to visit Kosovo, no matter your politics. This country is warm and inviting with a hospitality that needs to be experienced to be believed. It has an incredibly off the beaten path feel and tourists are often warmly welcomed (and friendlily interrogated) by curious residents who are proud people are coming to visit their countries after many years of Kosovo being a ‘no-go’ zone. 

Pristina is the heart of modern-day Kosovo, with over 200,000 of the country’s 1.7 million people calling the capital home. It’s a fun and vibrant city, not the most beautiful but full of amazing brunch spots, unique street art, surprisingly authentic international food, wonderful cultural events, great cafés and bars, and quirky museums and places to visit. While most people write off Pristina as warranting nothing more than a quick fly-by, we both think it’s a fantastic place to while away a few days, getting lost in the culture of the city.

Prizren, Gjakova, and Peja are three more compelling reasons to visit Kosovo, as are the stunning monasteries that make up a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Gracanica and Decani). The nature in the area around Peja, especially Rugova Canyon, is an off the beaten path hiker’s dream, so give yourself a bit of time to truly do Kosovo justice and you’ll thank yourself for it, we promise.


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