Sofia Adventures

How to Get Around Sofia

Helping You Find Your Way Around the City
Sofia is a large city with a very compact and walkable downtown, with many sights easily within walking distance of the city center. The city is well-served by public transportation, with metros, trams, and buses bringing you all over the city for just 1.60 leva (80 euro cents) a ride. Taxis and plentiful and quite cheap, with fares starting as low at .70 leva (35 euro cents).

Despite all this, it’s not the easiest city to figure out for foreigners — we know, because we’ve been there! Between the lack of Google Maps public transportation directions, the Cyrillic street lines, unscrupulous taxi drivers, and the wonky grid that makes up Sofia’s streets, navigating Sofia can be frustrating.

We’ve traveled by foot, tram, cab, metro, bus, and car throughout the city and can guide you in the right direction.