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Discovering Bucharest and Beyond

Romania is a country of nearly 20 million people, with 2.5 million living in Bucharest alone. It’s a country of proud traditions on the fringe of the Balkans.

Bucharest is a dynamic – if not slightly chaotic – city. Formerly called “The Paris of the East,” Bucharest is known for its mix of Art Nouveau and Communist architecture, with much of its most beautiful architecture sadly in a bad state of disrepair. Still, Bucharest is a city in revival, with innumerable cool third-wave coffee shops, gorgeous bookstores practically begging to be photographed, and countless relaxed outdoor cafés and beer gardens that attract Romanians and tourists alike. Bucharest is truly a place of contrast, and those who visit tend to either love or hate it.

Transylvania is Romania’s most famous and touristic region, made famous by Dracula but surprising tourists with its delightfully colorful old towns such as Sibiu and Sighișoara. This is where you’ll find its most beautiful castles, such as Peleș and Bran Castle, as well as fortified churches, ancient fortresses, and gorgeous wooded forests. Meanwhile, the northern regions of Romania such as Bucovina are rural and bucolic, with pristine nature and people going about their lives in the most traditional ways. Romania is still largely undiscovered, so why not visit for yourself and see how much more there is to Romania than Halloween stories?


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