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Your comprehensive guide to Southeast Europe

Welcome to the Balkans! This cluster of countries in Southeastern Europe is made of up some of the most interesting and beautiful places to visit on the continent. However, which countries exactly are part of the Balkans is not exactly clear to many.

We went with the widest definition of the Balkans there is, encompassing all of ex-Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, and Kosovo), as well as Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey. While some of these countries are not entirely on the Balkan peninsula, such as the Greek islands or Anatolian Turkey, we cover them on this site as we want to be the most helpful resource possible for Balkan travel on the internet.

Here, you can read some of our general travel advice on traveling the Balkans, or you can navigate through the menu on top to discover each country in more depth.


The 12 Balkan Flags & the Meanings Behind Them

Flags have a way of inspiring, and Balkan flags are no different. They also tell the stories of their countries' struggles to achieve independence from empires abroad and sometimes from each other. Many flags were chosen to honor their countries' pasts, while others...

10 Stunning Balkan Beaches to Explore this Summer

Since the Balkan peninsula is located in southeastern Europe and borders on some of the most beautiful seas in the world, there are literally hundreds of stunning beaches here. It's possible to have great beach days from May through September on the mainland, and you...

15 Crucial Tips for Planning a Balkan Road Trip

We love road trips. Between Stephanie and I, we've rented cars in driven in some 20-odd countries across the world, many of them in the Balkans. And as a result, we have to say: Balkan road trips are our favorite. There are a few reasons why taking a road trip through...