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Discovering Sofia and Beyond
Bulgaria is a country of over 7 million people, of which some 1.5 million live in Sofia, the capital. Bulgaria is home to some of the oldest cities in Europe, massive rose and lavender and sunflower fields, the gorgeous Black Sea coast, and one of the freshest and tastiest cuisines in the Balkans.

Sofia is the national capital and the beating heart of modern-day Bulgaria. It’s where you’ll find the most vibrant international scene, attracting tourists, expats, and digital nomads alike with their delicious restaurants, cozy bars, green spaces, and lightning fast internet access.

Plovdiv is the most tourist-friendly city in the country, with ancient Roman ruins, colorful architecture in a quaint Old Town, and a lively pedestrianized neighborhood called Kapana popular for its bars and restaurants. Veliko Tarnovo is also beloved by tourists for its beautiful Ottoman-inspired architecture set into the hills around the bend of the Yantra River, with the interesting Tsaravets fortress in the heart of the city.

Meanwhile, Burgas and Varna are the two biggest cities on the Black Sea Coast, surrounded by countless small coastal towns such as Nessebar and Chernomorets offer quieter beach vibes. Finally, winter resorts like Bansko and Borovets are fantastic snowy weather destinations, offering some of the cheapest skiing in Europe amidst gorgeous mountains.


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