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There are a few great hotels in Plovdiv, but for my most recent trip to the city I picked out a room at The Stay Hotel Central Square Plovdiv. After a wonderful weekend in the city, exploring Plovdiv’s nightlife and climbing up to Alyosha Monument, we absolutely loved coming home to the cozy yet stylish Stay Hotel. 

7 Things I Love about the Stay Hotel Plovdiv

Here are my favorite things about our stay. 

1. Location, Location, Location

Bulgaria - Plovdiv - Stay Hotel Center of Plovdiv Mural

You just can’t beat this location! Located right off of Knayz Alexander I and across from Stefan Stombolov Square, the hotel is located at the most important spot in downtown Plovdiv.

From here, you’re a few minutes walk to the Roman stadium, the statue of Milyo, and the Together Monument. There are also great restaurants within a few blocks like Hemingways and fun bars like the Temple Bar. 

This is a pedestrian stretch of town, but it’s also located just blocks away from a taxi stand so you won’t have to carry your luggage very far if you don’t want to. 

Overall, I loved being steps from some of the best parts of Downtown Plovdiv. 

2. Stylish Rooms

Bulgaria - Plovdiv - Stay Hotel

Is it a West Elm catalog come to life? No, it’s just the cozy and comfortable modern furniture in the hotel rooms. We spread out, using every bit of the room. The sitting area came in handy when we came home after a pub crawl and needed somewhere to scarf down some late night snacks. 

3. Super Comfy Beds

Bulgaria - Plovdiv - Stay Hotel

I slept like a baby. Seriously, I’d been having some issues with the bed in my hotel (which has luckily been replaced), so I especially relished how delightful it felt to sink into the cushy mattress underneath crisp which sheets.

Bulgaria - Plovdiv - Stay Hotel

4. Easy Check-In

Bulgaria - Plovdiv - Stay Hotel

The only thing that was unpleasant about checking in or out of our room is the derp face I made in this photo. 

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The day before our arrival, we received an email from the hotel with the option to check in online and then access our room via an app. We decided not to do this because I wanted to see if the staff were friendly (more below). However, the option is super convenient!

5. Gorgeous Views

Bulgaria - Plovdiv - View from Stay Hotel

I loved the view from our hotel room overlooking one of the city’s hills. You could even see the Plovdiv sign from our room (but somehow I failed to grab a pic! Ugh, Plovdiv Instagram fail). 

6. Updated Technology

Bulgaria - Plovdiv - Stay Hotel

Unlike some hotels in Europe, the Stay Hotel isn’t stingy when it comes to electrical outlets in the room, plus many of the outlets are updated with USB ports. 

If you forget your charger, there’s a stand in the lobby with different chargers so you won’t get stuck without access to that sweet, sweet cell phone battery. 

Bulgaria - Plovdiv - Stay Hotel

The hotel wifi was powerful and didn’t go down at all while we were using it. Internet in Bulgaria is notoriously fast and reliable, which means this is a great hotel for anyone looking for a hotel where they can get some work done. 

7. Friendly Staff

Bulgaria - Plovdiv - Stay Hotel

Everyone who worked at the hotel was really helpful (and they had no idea I am a travel blogger). They explained all the amenities of the hotel and were friendly during check in and check out. There were a few times when they needed to deliver items to our room, and they were always prompt and courteous. 

Bonus: Free Coffee & Convenient (Yet Inexpensive) Minibar 

Bulgaria - Plovdiv - Stay Hotel

We broke into the minibar a bit, and it was great that it didn’t break the bank! While the prices are higher than they would normally be in Bulgaria at a grocery store, they weren’t outrageous. In fact, it was great to be able to grab a Toblerone for three leva (about $1.75 USD) and a beer for five leva (about $3 USD). 

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Bulgaria - Plovdiv - Stay Hotel

We also got some great use out of the kettle and complimentary coffee and tea, making tea in the evening and coffee in the morning. 

If you want something other than what’s stocked in the minibar, there’s a convenience store right across the street and a plethora of cafes and fast food places where you can grab something to bring back to your room. 

Areas for Improvement

Bulgaria - Plovdiv - Stay Hotel

There were two items where I found room for improvement, and they were both related to the restrooms. The first is that there are no hair dryers in the rooms themselves. Instead, you need to call downstairs and have them delivered to you. 

While the process of getting a hair dryer was quick and the staff bringing them were friendly, I would have been upset if I was running late and found out that the hair dryers were downstairs.

The other area is that the showers flood a bit, so the bathroom floor gets really wet. This isn’t a big deal if you’re traveling solo, but heads up if you’re traveling with friends or partners.

Overall, neither of these issues were a huge problem, but you should be aware ahead of time so you can make the proper adjustments. 

Tips for Booking Your Stay

Bulgaria - Plovdiv - Stay Hotel

When I was selecting a room for my most recent trip to Plovdiv, I was blown away by the price I found on this hotel on Booking.comWe paid significantly less than posted rates, yet we still got a great room.

I also love using because there are often options to reserve a room with no cancellation penalty in case your plans change before your trip. 

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Don’t Forget about Travel Insurance!

It’s always a good idea to travel to Bulgaria with a valid travel insurance policy. Travel here includes outdoor activities and travel to highly touristed sites. It’s great to be covered in case you have an accident or fall victim to theft. Travel insurance can help you recover your expenses and continue to enjoy your trip.

For travel insurance, I use World Nomads. I’ve been a happy customer of theirs for almost three years, and I’ve never had an issue when making a claim. I’m happy to refer them to anyone I meet.

Get a travel insurance quote for your trip here.


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