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Novi Sad is a colorful and enchanting city, and its charm extends to the festive Christmas season when you can visit the Novi Sad Christmas Market. 

Keep in mind that Serbia celebrates Christmas on January 7th and Christmas Eve is on January 6th, so if you’re used to celebrating on December 25th you’ll love being able to enjoy the Christmas season for a bit longer here! However, the market doesn’t stay open until Orthodox Christmas – just until December 30th (though there’s a special New Year’s Eve display on the 31st as well).

We spoke with the Tourism Organisation of Novi Sad to help you get everything you need to plan the perfect visit to the Novi Sad Christmas Market this year!

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Novi Sad Christmas Market

How to Visit the Novi Sad Christmas Market

Here’s everything you need to know to plan your trip to the Novi Sad Christmas Market:

What are the dates and times for the 2019 Novi Sad Christmas Market?

Serbia - Novi Sad - Novi Sad Christmas Market

Photo by Aleksanar Milutinović courtesy of Tourism Organisation of Novi Sad

The Novi Sad Christmas Market runs from November 21st through December 30th. 

Where is the Novi Sad Winter Fest located?

Serbia - Novi Sad - Novi Sad, Serbia at winter night

The market is located in Liberty Square, which is the city’s main square across from the Novi Sad Cathedral.

What kind of entertainment will there be for adults?

Serbia - Novi Sad - Novi Sad Christmas Market

Photo by Aleksanar Milutinović courtesy of Tourism Organisation of Novi Sad

Adults can enjoy traditional European Christmas Market activities along with special concerts, local food, and Serbian wine tasting.

What kind of entertainment will there be for children?

Serbia - Novi Sad - Little girl, iluminated with street lights, enjoys first snow while eating cotton candy. Christmas decoration is in the background

Children can enjoy riding the carousel, the Christmas treats, singing at the Christmas Tree, wandering through the Icy Forest, and ice skating.

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What kind of goods will be for sale?

Novi Sad - Serbia shutterstock_534885592

You can shop the booths for traditional Serbian handicrafts, regional souvenirs, and local produce. 

What kind of food and drinks will be available?

Make sure to sample the honey products, buy a licider hearts to take home, and fill your pockets with Serbian candies. You can also enjoy the cakes, BBQ, grilled meats, and mulled wine (gluhwein). 

Is there a ticket price to get into the events?

Serbia - Novi Sad - Petrovaradine Fortress in Winter

Photo by Aleksanar Milutinović courtesy of Tourism Organisation of Novi Sad

There is no charge to attend the Christmas Market in Novi Sad.

Are there any other special festivities in Novi Sad this December or January that travelers might want to attend?

Serbia - Novi Sad - Fireworks celebrating The old New Year in Novi Sad, Serbia

You can attend the New Year celebration at the Main Square on December 31st, along with the Night Market, the Icy forest, and the special Christmas concerts.

How can travelers learn more?

Serbia - Novi Sad - Novi Sad at New Year's

Photo by Aleksanar Milutinović courtesy of Tourism Organisation of Novi Sad

Final tip? Dress warm!

We have our recommendations and resources for visiting Novi Sad below. I want to thank the Tourism Organisation of Novi Sad for answering our questions about this spectacular event! For more detailed information about the market, check out Novi Sad’s tourism website.

Where to stay in Novi Sad

Serbia - Novi Sad - Petrovaradin Fortress Hotel Leopold

Here are our top recommendations for where to stay in Novi Sad. Generally, budget means hostel beds for around $10 a night and singles/doubles for around $30, mid-range is from about $40-100 per night, and luxury will cost over $100 per night.

Budget: If you’re looking for a nice place to stay in Novi Sad without spending too much, we recommend either of these two cute design hostels: Tesla Art Hostel or Alterna Home Hostel!

Mid-Range: If you want a nicer hotel in Novi Sad without breaking the budget, we recommend the trendy Garni CitiHotel Veliki or Arhiv.

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Luxury: Since Novi Sad in winter is the offseason, we wouldn’t be surprised if you could snag a fantastic deal on one of these top luxury hotels in Novi Sad: Prezident Hotel or Hotel Leopold I

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What to Pack for Serbia

Serbia - Gardos - Backpack

We have a full Serbia packing list, but in case you just want the quick version, here are a few essentials you shouldn’t forget to pack!

A good guidebook: While travel blogs are great, we still think a good guidebook is always handy. Lonely Planet Western Balkans is the main guidebook we recommend for Serbia, as it covers the country well plus others in the region.

Plenty of winter clothing: You can check our packing list above for our full winter packing suggestions for men and women. At a minimum, you’ll want to bring a warm winter jacket (I love this North Face parka), cozy snow boots, warm wool socks, touch-screen friendly gloves, a scarf, and a winter hat.

Moisturizer: Travel will beat your skin up in the best of times — and winter travel in addition to skiing will do a number on it! If you use a moisturizer at home, bring it. If you’ve never used a moisturizer before, you really should start. You’ll be happy to give your face a boost before heading outside in the cold all day.

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More Serbia Travel Resources

Serbia - Novi Sad - Petrovaradin Fortress Selfie Mirror

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Don’t Forget About Travel Insurance!

If you’re planning a trip to Serbia, it’s a good idea to travel with a valid travel insurance policy, so that you will be covered in case of an emergency. Travel insurance covers you in case of theft or an accident, which can save your trip if there’s an incident, fall (a big winter risk!), or cancellation or trip interruption.

For travel insurance, I use World NomadsI’ve been a happy customer of theirs for almost three years, and I’ve never had an issue when making a claim. I’m happy to refer them to anyone I meet.

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Novi Sad Christmas Market


Novi Sad Christmas Market