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If you’re planning a trip to Novi Sad, Serbia – whether for the yearly EXIT Festival, as a day trip from Belgrade, or in anticipation of Novi Sad’s turn as the European Capital of Culture for 2021 – the first non-EU city to earn that honor.

Novi Sad is an incredibly colorful and photogenic city, so you’ll find no shortage of cute Instagram spots in Novi Sad! Here are a few of our favorites.

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Want to know the most Instagram-friendly things to do in Novi Sad, Serbia? Here's our guide to the most Instagrammable places to visit in Novi Sad, from historic landmarks to colorful streets to cute quirky cafes and of course, Petrovaradin Fortress! Including a Novi Sad map so you can easily find our top Novi Sad photography spots.
Want to know the most Instagram-friendly things to do in Novi Sad, Serbia? Here's our guide to the most Instagrammable places to visit in Novi Sad, from historic landmarks to colorful streets to cute quirky cafes and of course, Petrovaradin Fortress! Including a Novi Sad map so you can easily find our top Novi Sad photography spots.

The Best Instagram and Photography Spots in Novi Sad: Map

The Cathedral (as seen from the Town Hall)

The Novi Sad “cathedral” is not actually a cathedral, as Subotica is home to the cathedral in Vojvodina province. However, it’s grand enough that it’s gotten that nickname from locals, who aren’t as persnickety about what it’s named. Technically, its name is the The Name of Mary Church. Whatever you call it – we think it’s a fabulous (but difficult) building to photograph.

Many of the more obvious angles for snapping the church will end up with a truncated church with a weird crop. Head over across the main square, Trg Slobode, to the city hall. Bring a wide angle lens and take advantage of the beautiful arches of the city hall to add interest and detail to your shot.

Location: Trg Slobode, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia

City Hall

Of course, the opposite is also true – you should snap a photo of the stunning city hall from the opposite side, near where the church is.

This part of Novi Sad is always busy, so either embrace it and snap it full of life or be prepared to wake up early for an empty square.

Location: Trg Slobode, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia

Palata Gvozdeni čovek

Often overlooked as it’s literally right next to the cathedral, I loved these twin pink buildings of Palata Gvozdeni (pictured) and the Vojvodanska Bank next door, which is literally one of the prettiest bank buildings I’ve ever seen!

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I seriously think you could photograph every single building in a 360-degree spin from the center of Trg Slobode and never end up with a bad shot, so don’t just shoot the two most famous buildings and move on – stay in this area for a bit and make the most of it!

Location: Trg Slobode, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia

“Cathedral Square”

Just behind the so-called “cathedral” you’ll find a cute square full of cafés and outdoor seating which is a popular place for Novi Sadians to relax and unwind in the warmer months.

There’s a great ice cream shop here that you shouldn’t miss, Black Grape (Crna Ovca)!

Location: Katolička porta, Novi Sad, Serbia

The Bishop’s Palace

Located at the end of Novi Sad’s main pedestrian street, keep an eye out for the Bishop’s Palace (the bishop does indeed live here!). As such, you can’t go inside, but you can definitely snap some photos of the exterior!

Location: Gimnazijska 2, Novi Sad 21000


Serbs love their coffee fix and there are no shortage of cute cafés in Novi Sad serving up caffeinated beverages to enjoy! One of the most Instagrammable and unique is Trčika which is literally inside of a converted tram. It’s super cute and a great, unique photography spot in Novi Sad.

Location: Kralja Aleksandra 14, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia

Novi Sad Synagogue

While not quite as pretty as the Subotica Synagogue an hour north, the Novi Sad Synagogue is still lovely. Sadly, after World War II, the synagogue is in disuse as a house of worship (it does still host some community events and concerts).

It’s generally closed to the public, but if you are able to find the caretaker he may let you inside (I’ve never been inside and I’ve visited Novi Sad twice, so don’t get your hopes up!). Alternately, you could try to call and make an appointment.

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Despite that, it’s worth passing it by as it’s quite close to most of downtown Novi Sad and snapping a few photos of the exterior and hoping you luck out and find the caretaker.

Location: Jevrejska 11, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia

Dunavska Street

The most colorful street in Novi Sad, you’ll find countless brilliantly-colored storefronts here that make this street a colorful paradise for Instagram photos.

The area around Букет (Bouquet Wine Bar) is especially photogenic and colorful. Walk to where it says Споменик Јаши Томићу on your map for some of my favorite angles of Novi Sad! Caffe Zefir at 19 Dunavska is also a photo gem.

Location: Dunavska 29, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia

Danube Park

The main park of Novi Sad, Danube Park, is right between the city center and Petrovaradin Fortress, making it an obvious stop on your way throughout the city. Enter near the end of Dunavka Street, the colorful pedestrian walkway, and you will have walked past one of the cutest streets in Novi Sad.

It’s a peaceful oasis and it’s different in all the seasons, from the tulips of spring to the greens of summer to the snowy blanket of winter.

Location: Dunavska 31, Novi Sad, Serbia

The Steps to Petrovaradin Fortress

Petrovaradin Fortress is one of the largest fortresses in Europe (and Petrovaradin is literally a city unto itself as it’s a separate city from Novi Sad, technically!).

As a result you’ll find no shortage of great angles to snap Petrovaradin from! Ignore the weird ‘selfie mirrors’ they’ve installed which make literally no sense, and instead follow our tips to find some of the best Instagram spots at Petrovaradin. We love this angle when you’re ascending the stairs from the ground level up to the fortress.

Note that if you’re not coming here by foot from Novi Sad, and instead are making this a stop on a tour, your car or bus may stop in the parking lot inside the fortress so you may have to seek out the steps yourself (this was the case for us on our recent guided day trip we did).

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Location: between lower Petrovaradin and Petrovaradin Fortress

Petrovaradin Fortress

The Petrovaradin Fortress is unique in that it’s still very much a living space in Novi Sad, used as a meeting place for a drink or coffee.

There’s even a hotel and art galleries on the fortress grounds, and a yearly music festival here called EXIT (you may see the brightly colored minivan promoting it while you’re there).

I recommend walking around the fortress edges and finding unique photo angles as there are some really gorgeous places to take photos here. Don’t miss a shot of the clock tower (Kula) which I’ve marked on the map!

Location: Petrovaradin Fortress

Serbian National Theater

One of the most famous buildings in Novi Sad, and where the free walking tour starts in the city, is the Serbian National Theater (Srpsko Narodno Pozorište). This small theater building has a long history and it has historically been one of the longest-operating and most important theaters in Serbia, originating in 1861.

But if the building looks far newer than that – that’s because it is, since it received a rather Socialist facelift in 1981. It’s not the most obvious “Instagram spot” in Novi Sad, but I love this building for its uniqueness and history all the same.

Location: Pozorišni trg 1, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia

Sremski Karlovci

It’s not in Novi Sad proper, as it’s a separate town, but Sremski Karlovci is only a 10-minute or so drive away and it’s absolutely precious. Home to tons of gorgeous Baroque architecture, the main square of Sremski Karlovci is an Instagrammer’s delight!

This is the old gymnasium (high school) but there are also a few palaces-turned-museums in the main square and a lovely fountain all worth seeing – not to mention the wineries the town is known for!

Location: Trg Branka Radičevića 2, Sremski Karlovci 21205, Serbia

Where to Stay in Novi Sad

Budget: Novi Sad is home to some seriously designer hostels, making it the perfect spot for budget travelers who still have an eye on a beautiful, curated experience! Tesla Art Hostel is beautifully designed and total luxury on a budget and our top choice for budget travelers to Novi Sad.

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Mid-Range: Garni CitiHotel offers apartment-sized, well-designed rooms at seriously affordable costs, with a free breakfast thrown in. We’re always happy to recommend Garni hotels to travelers in Serbia because they’re all well-reviewed and offer excellent value.

Luxury: Novi Sad is not an expensive city, and even the nicest hotels in town won’t set you back much, especially if you’re sharing a room with your partner or a friend. Prezident Hotel is probably the nicest hotel in town and costs less than a budget room in a Western European city!

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Finally, Make Sure You Come to Serbia with Travel Insurance

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