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Kotor is one of the most picture-perfect places in the Balkans, with gorgeous views that lead some to call it the “southernmost fjord in Europe.” While it may not be a fjord technically speaking, it sure looks like one!

Many people wonder where to stay in Kotor and my advice to them depends on what their travel style, budget, and circumstances are.

If you are doing a Montenegro road trip or visiting Montenegro as part of a larger Balkan road trip, we suggest staying at a hotel just outside of Kotor such as near Prcanj, to avoid hefty parking fees and/or a total headache when it comes to parking.

Similarly, if you value peace and quiet and beach time over being in the heart of the action, you’ll want to find a hotel outside of the Old Town, preferably in the stretch between Kotor and Prcanj. If you’re a history geek and culture seeker, then the Old Town is the best place to stay in Kotor.

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Planning to visit Kotor, Montenegro? This Kotor travel guide is focused on where to stay in Kotor, with tips for the best hotels in Kotor and the Bay of Kotor area. From hotels with delicious food and restaurants to hotels with gorgeous aesthetics perfect for Instagram and photography to hotels with stunning views of the Kotor fjord to hotels in Stari Grad / Kotor Old Town, here are the best places to stay in Kotor, Montenegro.
Planning to visit Kotor, Montenegro? This Kotor travel guide is focused on where to stay in Kotor, with tips for the best hotels in Kotor and the Bay of Kotor area. From hotels with delicious food and restaurants to hotels with gorgeous aesthetics perfect for Instagram and photography to hotels with stunning views of the Kotor fjord to hotels in Stari Grad / Kotor Old Town, here are the best places to stay in Kotor, Montenegro.

We think that Kotor accommodations offer excellent value, with prices half or even a third of what you’d find in nearby Dubrovnik, Croatia. However, Kotor is quite a touristic city, so do note that you should book your Kotor hotel well in advance to risk disappointment or inflated prices!

Here’s our hand-picked list of where to stay in Kotor in every budget category, from budget to luxury.

Kotor - Montenegro - Old Town with blue and green shutters

Best Budget Hotels in Kotor (Under $75 USD per night)

Hotel Rendez Vous – Check Rates Here

Right on the main square of the Old Town of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hotel Rendez Vous is surprisingly affordable given the location. 

It has a small restaurant serving local Montenegrin cuisine and seafood freshly caught from the Adriatic Sea, as well as other international favorites, as well as a delicious daily breakfast. The hotel bar has a terrace which looks onto the Main Square, above all the action. 

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The rooms feature a pastel color palette and clean, streamlined hardwood floors, many with original stone walls. Rooms are small, as to be expected from a budget hotel in such an area, but well-equipped with all that you would need for a short stay. The studio unit has a bit more space, with a larger bathroom if you are looking for a more spacious choice, whereas the double rooms are on the smaller side.

No matter what room you choose, you’ll love the perfect location, and stunning views of the UNESCO-listed Old Town historic buildings.

Check prices, guest reviews, availability, and photos here.

Montenegro - Kotor - Sailboat on the Bay of Kotor

Hotel Galia – Check Rates Here

The budget-friendly Hotel Galia is a bit outside the Kotor Old Town, about 15 minutes away by bus or car, but just 50 meters from a stunning pebble beach!

 The hotel can organize a variety of activities such as hiking, fishing, and canoeing on the Bay of Kotor. The in-house restaurant, the Galia, serves a fantastic daily continental breakfast with a terrace that opens up to stunning views of the fjord-like landscape of Kotor.

The rooms are simply furnished and have balconies from which you can enjoy the extremely impressive views of the Bay of Kotor. The rooms have wooden floors, a desk and seating area, and a mini-fridge, plus other standard hotel amenities.

If you don’t mind being outside of the Kotor Old Town and prefer to feel like you’d in the middle of the stunning nature — while still only being a short bus ride away — this is the place to stay in Kotor for you. 

Check prices, availability, guest reviews, and photos here.

Montenegro - Kotor - Church of St. Luke

Hotel Bokeljski Dvori – Check Rates Here

The lovely little coastal Hotel Bokeljski Dvori is all about views, views, views. The name “Bokeljski Dvori” roughly translates to “Boka Palace,” Boka being the local name of the Bay of Kotor. It feels exactly that!

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Note that it’s a bit outside of Kotor, about halfway between Kotor and Prčanj, but it’s just a 10-minute taxi or short bike ride from the Old Town. It is, however, close to a lovely strip of almost-sandy beach, a rarity in Montenegro where it tends to be more pebble beaches.

Many of the rooms have private balconies with gorgeous panoramic views of the Bay of Kotor. There is a restaurant specializing in freshly-caught Adriatic seafood, which you can enjoy on the terrace, and the view at night when the sea glitters in the light from the town is spectacular.

The hotel can organize car or bike rentals, as well as prepare packed lunches for days when you’re planning to be active enjoying all that Montenegro has to offer. 

The rooms are small but equipped with the necessities you’d need for a short stay, providing amenities such as a seating area, desk area for working, a luggage rack, and a wardrobe. 

Check prices, availability, guest reviews, and photos here.

Kotor - Montenegro - island church with trees

Best Mid-Range Hotels in Kotor ($75-150 USD per night)

Villa Old Mariner – Check Rates Here

The stunning Villa Old Mariner is one of the best places to stay in Kotor Bay if you’re looking to enjoy a relaxed summer stay. The hotel is in Prčanj and it has its own private beach with lounge chairs you can rent and relax in for the day, perfect for enjoying a dip after wandering around Kotor in the heat. The hotel can also help arrange activities around Kotor such as cycling or hiking.

Villa Old Mariner offers a stellar location close to the center of Kotor (5 kilometers away) yet right on the coast of the bay, surrounded by historic buildings yet outside of the tourist-packed Old Town. You can enjoy a breakfast buffet daily at the hotel, which looks to be absolutely stunning. 

Rooms are spacious and include a seating area, big and comfortable beds, and wardrobes. Some of the rooms have terraces with gorge-ous (pardon the pun) fjord views, as this is one of the prettiest places in the Bay of Kotor. If you don’t mind being away from Stari Grad / Old Town, this is one of the best places to stay in the Kotor area!

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Check prices, availability, guest reviews, and photos here.

Montenegro - Kotor - Mountains around the Bay of Kotor

Hotel Alkima – Check Rates Here

Wondering where to stay in Kotor totally hassle-free? With an on-site restaurant, activity and tour organization, and car and bike hire, Hotel Alkima can be your one-stop shop for your Kotor holiday, helping you plan and maximize every moment of your time in Kotor stress-free.

The hotel is brand new, thus the equipment and furniture is rather modern.  Rooms are spacious and carpeted, with large beds, wardrobes with full-length mirrors, desk space, and seating areas in most units. Some rooms come with private balconies or patios looking onto the gorgeous bay.

The location is outside of the Old Town, but it’s just a pleasant 20-minute walk along the seaside to reach the historic Old Town — perfect for people who want an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the downtown with the convenience of being closeby. 

The hotel is also just 50 meters from the sea, and there is a patio with a hot tub where you can relax, toast with some champagne, and soak in the tub AND the views! A sauna is also available, as well as a large terrace-garden with comfortable seating.

Check prices, availability, guest reviews, and photos here.

Montenegro - Kotor - Cafe

Villa Duomo – Check Rates Here

The lovely Villa Duomo has a selection of rooms and studios complete with many of the villas original features and antique furniture to complete the retro-chic ambiance.

The beautiful villa enjoys a prime location right next to the Saint Tryphon Cathedral, one of the main Kotor landmarks. It’s right in the heart of the Old Town action, so that delicious restaurants, beautiful buildings, friendly Kotor kitties, and interesting sights are never a far walk away.

It’s a romantic place, perfect for couples taking a special trip or even for honeymooners. However, do note that the hotel’s location makes it a bit loud until about midnight, so if you’re an early-to-bed type, you may want to bring earplugs or consider another place outside of the Old Town which can be a bit loud.

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The rooms feature big and comfortable beds, large wardrobes, seating areas, and tiled floors, and some rooms even have a stunning window seat where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful Kotor views.

Check prices, availability, guest reviews, and photos here.

Montenegro - Risan - Bay of Kotor

Best Luxury Hotels in Kotor ($150+ USD per night)

Historic Boutique Hotel Cattaro – Check Rates Here

Located in the Old Town, the Historic Boutique Hotel Cattaro is true to its name, offering a unique boutique experience with tasteful decor in a beautifully restored building that dates back to the 18th century. The decor is maritime and navy-inspired, fitting for the location!

There is a tasty on-site restaurant which serves refined takes on local Montenegrin dishes as well as international favorites, as well as a hotel bar. The hotel also is home to the nightclub Maximus, one of the biggest clubs in Kotor — though despite this, it is peaceful and quiet, with no noise issues reported from guests. 

Rooms are carpeted and comfortable, with large beds, wardrobe space, big bathrooms with modern equipment, and a seating area available in all units.

Check prices, availability, guest reviews, and photos here.

Montenegro - Kotor - Cathedral of Saint Tryphon

Boutique Hotel Astoria – Check Rates Here

The 4-star Boutique Hotel Astoria is located in an actual Montenegrin palace: the 13th century Buca Palace which is part of the UNESCO-protected Kotor Old Town / Stari Grad. it enjoys a phenomenal location yet is peaceful and quiet (which is not always the case for places in the Old Town, admittedly).

Each room is luxuriously designed and individualized, combining traditional old stone elements that harken back to its days as a palace with tasteful modern design to create both a historic and youthful atmosphere. The furniture is unique and beautiful, and there is plenty of space to spread out, including a seating area and desk space so you never feel cramped.

The bathroom is roomy, with marble floors and a lot of space available on the counters — perfect for ladies who love to spread out a bit when they’re getting ready! For a special stay, choose the junior suite with a sea view!

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Check prices, availability, guest reviews, and photos here.

Montenegro - Kotor - Old City

Art Hotel Galathea – Check Rates Here

Located in Prčanj, a short distance from Kotor, Art Hotel Galathea is a mere 11 meters from the beach — it doesn’t get much closer or beachfront than this! Do note, however, that you will have to take a bus or taxi into Kotor town as it is not walking distance to Kotor — about 5 kilometers away from Kotor. It is, however, on one of the best stretches of beach in the Bay of Kotor!

The building is made of traditional stone like many of the homes in the Bay of  Kotor, which dates back to the 18th century. The ambiance is traditional meets modern, with rooms decorated in a rustic manner which combines beautifully with its stone walls, yet offers all the comfort of a modern hotel in its furnishings and amenities. 

Room types vary, but many rooms come with a seating area, a furnished patio area, a vanity area, and a spa bath tub — swoon! The overall feel is very airy, beachy, and light.

The hotel is happy to help you organize your time in Montenegro, and you can speak with their front desk to organize excursions and day trips. Or, if you prefer a more passive and relaxing holiday, you can snag one of their lounge chairs on the local beach and relax in the Adriatic sun.

Check prices, availability, reviews, and photos here.

More Montenegro Resources

Durmitor - Montenegro - Black Lake with trees and fog

If you’re planning a trip to Montenegro, we have a lot of resources for you! First, check our packing list for Montenegro, which covers what to wear in all seasons for both men and women.

We have a guide to the best places to visit in Montenegro and a one-week itinerary for the country, as well as a guide to the best Instagram spots in the Bay of Kotor.

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You will also want to check out our overview of Balkan currency, which describes how money in Montenegro works, plus tipping guidelines.

Finally, if you’re traveling onwards to Dubrovnik (or are coming in from Dubrovnik), check our bus guide from Kotor to Dubrovnik or vice versa.

We publish new content almost every day! Bookmark our pages on Montenegro and the Balkans so you don’t miss any posts that come out before your trip! 

5 Things to Pack for Montenegro

Perast - Montenegro - Red flowers and blue sea with tower in background in Bay of Kotor

Swimwear (in summer): I mean, the main reason you’re likely going to Montenegro is to soak up the sun and swim in the Adriatic – so be sure to pack at least two cute swimwear options, if not more, so that you never have to put a wet swimsuit back on! I love this one-piece option and this bikini, but pick whatever you love best and will both feel comfortable and make you feel confident in photos!

A good guidebook: We recommend the Lonely Planet Western Balkans which includes Montenegro but also Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Serbia.

Grayl Water FilterBeing on the road means staying hydrated. If you want to avoid having to buy lots of single-use plastic water bottles, bring a reusable one with you. If you’re concerned about drinking the local tap water (or you don’t love the taste) grab one with a reusable water filter built right in. While water in Montenegro is drinkable in general, many locals don’t like the taste and prefer bottled water. In some smaller villages it may not be drinkable at all. I always ask a local about the tap water conditions and what they recommend.

Seabands or motion sickness pills: If you get motion sickness easily, pack some Seabands or motion sickness pills so you can go explore Montenegro (and its curvy serpentine roads) without getting sick. A trip to Montenegro isn’t complete without at least one road trip, so make sure you’re prepared to enjoy it to the fullest by packing appropriately if you get sick on winding mountain roads.

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Comfortable walking and/or hiking shoes: Montenegro is full of hiking opportunities, long sightseeing days, and hilly vistas with beautiful views. It’s easy to do 10,000+ steps in a day (if you’re not relaxing on the beach all day, that is) – especially if you’re climbing up the Castle of San Giovanni in Kotor or hiking in Durmitor. I love these hiking boots (women’s). If going to Durmitor or Kolasin, you may want trekking poles as well.

Finally, Don’t Forget About Travel Insurance!

If you’re planning a trip to the Balkans, make sure to travel with a valid travel insurance policy. While we feel safe in Montenegro, you should be covered in case of an emergency. Travel insurance covers you in case of theft or an accident, which can save your trip if there’s an incident.

For travel insurance, we use World NomadsI’ve been a happy customer of theirs for almost three years, and I’ve never had an issue when making a claim. I’m happy to refer them to anyone I meet.

>> Get a travel insurance quote for your trip here <<