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Your comprehensive guide to Southeast Europe

Welcome to the Balkans! This cluster of countries in Southeastern Europe is made of up some of the most interesting and beautiful places to visit on the continent. However, which countries exactly are part of the Balkans is not exactly clear to many.

We went with the widest definition of the Balkans there is, encompassing all of ex-Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, and Kosovo), as well as Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey. While some of these countries are not entirely on the Balkan peninsula, such as the Greek islands or Anatolian Turkey, we cover them on this site as we want to be the most helpful resource possible for Balkan travel on the internet.

Here, you can read some of our general travel advice on traveling the Balkans, or you can navigate through the menu on top to discover each country in more depth.


The Best Balkan Food You Need to Try

Balkan food is hearty and filling, full of salads made with seasonal produce, delicious dips, and grilled meat. Some foods in the Balkans can be found everywhere -- virtually every Balkan country has a variation on borek/burek, and if you can't find grilled meat...

25 Reasons You’ve Got To Travel the Balkans

I first visited the Balkans in 2016 and promptly fell in love with the region.... so much so, that I actually moved here as a result of that first Balkans trip. Between the mountains of Montenegro, the coastline of Albania, the lakes of North Macedonia, and the...