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We love a good meme – and we don’t know if any other geographic region in the world does a meme better than a Balkan meme.

We’ve sent each other quite a few Balkan memes of the years, so we’ve collected a few of our favorite memes about the Balkan countries from all over the internet to share here.

Psst – if one of these Balkan memes is yours, please feel free to reach out to us for credit! 

1. No one keeps watch quite like a Balkan grandma

In the Balkans, Big Brother is replaced with Big Grandma.

2. This Balkan meme accurately depicts what learning a Balkan language is like


3. How to upset a Russian in one easy Bulgarian meme

Cue angry responses from Macedonians in 3, 2, 1….

4. If you’ve ever partied with a Balkan person, you know this to be true

It really do be like that.

5. A classic Macedonia meme

If you don’t read Cyrillic, that’s Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Greece from left to right.

6. Same same but different

No one infringes copyright quite like a Balkan entrepreneur

7. If you think you have protective parents, try being Balkan

The famous Balkan guilt trip.

8. Is it a Balkan meme if there’s not a pothole reference?

Anyone who has driven in the Balkans knows this to be true

9. Ordering dinner in the Balkans be like…

Do you want some meat with your plate?

10. This classic Bosnia/Croatia meme broke the Balkan internet for a bit

While Bosnia does indeed have 20 kilometers of coastline; this meme is still hilarious

11. Crochet all day

Balkan Memes

All white everything

12 – Where’s my Ph.D.?

Balkan Memes

Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

13. Yugo memes are the best memes

Balkan Memes

I’ll take the Yugo Every. Single. Time.

14. It’s also Balkan Festivus

Balkan Memes

Now the West just needs to move Halloween so that it’s on the correct dates…

15. Automatic swipe right

Balkan Memes

Some qualities in a partner are more important than others.

16. Balkan grandma memes are tops

Balkan Memes

Some things are meant to be decorative.

17. But Balkan music memes are a close second

Balkan Memes

That would be blasphemy.

18. Cevapi is the food of the gods

Balkan Memes

There’s no cure for cevapi addiction.


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19. A Macedonian meme as dreamy as Justin Bieber’s eyes

Balkan Memes

Ajvar is life.

20. Better than a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell?

Balkan Memes


21. How a Romanian wishes you happy holidays

And Vlad wonders why he’s not invited to any Christmas parties anymore…