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After taking an extensive look at the best bars and clubs in Novi Sad, it’s now time to discover the best restaurants in town. When it comes to great food, there’s certainly no shortage of options in the second biggest city in Serbia.

No matter whether you’re a foodie at heart or you just looking for authentic dishes from Serbia, if you’re planning your next trip to the country, read on to discover the best places to eat in Novi Sad!

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Where to Eat in Novi Sad - the Best Novi Sad Restaurants

Where to Stay in Novi Sad

Serbia - Novi Sad

Here are our top recommendations for where to stay in Novi Sad. Generally, budget means hostel beds for around $10 a night and singles/doubles for around $30, mid-range is from about $40-100 per night, and luxury will cost over $100 per night.

Budget: If you’re looking for a nice place to stay in Novi Sad without spending too much, we recommend either of these two cute design hostels: Tesla Art Hostel or Alterna Home Hostel!

Mid-Range: If you want a nicer hotel in Novi Sad without breaking the budget, we recommend the trendy Garni CitiHotel Veliki or Arhiv.

Luxury: Since Novi Sad in winter is definitely the offseason, we wouldn’t be surprised if you could snag a fantastic deal on one of these top luxury hotels in Novi Sad: Prezident Hotel or Hotel Leopold I.

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The Best Restaurants in Novi Sad

In no particular order…

Plava Frajla

First up, there’s Plava Frajla, a restaurant which is famous for its traditional and affordably-priced regional food from Vojvodina, the northern province of Serbia.

The restaurant is inside SPC Vojvodina, locally known as Spens, Novi Sad’s preeminent multi-purpose venue. F Plava Frajla offers special dishes such as the delicious homemade cabbage rolls known as sarma. You’ll also find a variety of steaks, and pork medallions in a delicious mushroom sauce! The venue opens daily from 9 am to midnight, on Fridays and Saturdays up to 1 am, and on Sundays, it closes at 10 pm.

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Location: Sutjeska 2, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia.

Serbia - Novi Sad - Traditional Balkan winter dish - cabbage rolls filled with minced meat, rice, fried onion and carrot called sarma

Sarma, traditional cabbage rolls from Serbia.

Caffe Pizzeria Restorante Terasa

It’s impossible to beat views of the Danube and Novi Sad from the top of Petrovaradin Fortress. Here, you’ll also find Terasa, a café, pizza place but also a restaurant offering a mix of local food along with Italian dishes.

Here, you should order like the salmon salador bruschetta or main courses such as the beefsteak in truffle sauce, stuffed chicken with prosciutto and smoked cheese, or a local delicacy like beef tongue, if you feel particularly brave! Terasa also features an impressive wine list,

Although prices can be a bit on the high side, the place is totally worth the views. Terasa is open daily from 8 am to 8 pm, and on Saturdays from 10 am.

Location: Petrovaradin Fortress, 21131 Petrovaradin, Serbia.

Serbia - Novi Sad - Petrovaradin Fortress

Petrovaradin Fortress.

Carda Aqua Doria

Just underneath Petrovaradin Fortress, right on the bank of The Danube, you’ll find Carda Aqua Doria. This restaurant is well-known in town not only for its Vojvodina fares but also for hosting live performances of regional folk music and tamburitza bands.

Here, you can taste a variety of grilled dishes, as well as entrées including roasted veal in kajmak (a creamy dairy product), sausages in black beer, or flambée pork steak with Quince brandy. Carda Aqua Doria has an extensive regional wine list but it also serves international wines. This place opens from 11:30 am to 12 am, and closes as late as 1 am on weekends.

Location: Kamenički put bb, Petrovaradin 21000, Serbia.

Serbia - Novi Sad - Traditional Balkan dish - meat stewed in a special pot, sac, and served with kajmak cheese and stewed vegetables

Roasted veal in kajmak.

Dva štapića

For a change of pace, why not visit the most popular Chinese restaurant in Novi Sad? Dva štapića can be found in three different locations around the city.

In any of them, you can try a variety of recipes from different Chinese regions adapted to the local taste, customs, and climate: anything from sushi to fried chicken, vegetables, and seafood. Dva štapića also offers fast and free home delivery.

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Locations: Vase Stajica 27 (from 8 am to midnight opening at noon on Sundays; Fruskogorska 18 (open daily from 10 am to 10 pm daily); Janka Veselinovica 34 (open 10 am to 10 pm, closed on Sundays).

Serbia - Novi Sad - Chinese food on a black background

Chinese food.


If you’ve never tried traditional Uzbek food, then Plove should be your go-to place. Uzbek gastronomy is one of the oldest and most delicious not only in Central Asia but in the whole continent! And it’s this cuisine that distinguishes this relatively new restaurant (it opened back in 2017) from other places in Novi Sad.

Among their specials, you can choose chicken skewers, lamb kebabs or ribs, pilafs, and authentic Uzbek soups. For dessert, I recommend baklava, a super sweet pastry filled with chopped nuts held together with syrup or honey. Plove is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

Location: Ise Bajica 6, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia.

Serbia - Novi Sad - Several different Pilafs on table

Selection of traditional Uzbek pilaf.

Palazzo Bianco

Palazzo Bianco is often considered to be the best Italian restaurant in Novi Sad. It offers a great selection of brick-oven pizzas, including the very popular Pizza Fantastico (with mozzarella, parmesan, feta, ham, and mushrooms), Pizza Mexicana (with mozzarella, ham, local flavored sausage, corn, peas, mushrooms, and habanero pepper), as well as vegetarian pizzas.

But that’s not all! Palazzo Bianco also serves traditional Italian dishes such as lasagna, spaghetti, and many other pasta specials. This restaurant opens from 10 am to 11 pm daily, and from noon to 10 pm on Sundays.

Location: Cara Dušana 21a, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia.

Serbia - Novi Sad - Pizza in the stone oven, Belgrade, Serbia

Pizza baked in an authentic stone oven.

Konoba Riba Ribi Grize Rep

Seafood aficionados and Mediterranean food lovers shouldn’t miss Konoba Riba Ribi Grize Rep. The place got its curious name after a humorous alliterative tongue twister that is impossible to translate into English!

This restaurant is known for serving dishes from the Istrian Peninsula. Konoba Riba Ribi Grize Rep prides itself on its entrées which include grilled octopus, bakalar bianco, smoked salmon, and tuna steak.

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For those who are not fans of seafood, there’s a fantastic Black Angus ribeye. And, of course, who wouldn’t love their delicious chocolate truffles for dessert. Konoba opens from 8 am to 11 pm and it’s closed on Sundays.

Location: Bulevar cara Lazara 46, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia.

Serbia - Novi Sad - Traditional Istrian dish with grilled squid and chard with potatoes

Traditional Istrian dish with seafood and potatoes.


Zak is one of the most elegant and luxurious, but also one of the most expensive restaurants in Novi Sad. Situated in a house dating back to 1901, with a beautiful patio, wine cellar, and wine bar, Zak stands out for its sophisticated cuisine and its simplicity to combine ingredients and to creating an intriguing mixture of colors and structures on a plate.

Try dishes such as goose liver with raspberry, duck’s breast with celery puree and Porto sauce, hot scampi salad with mushrooms, or if you’re up for experimenting, snails in a truffle cream sauce.

As far as dessert goes, you can’t go wrong with nougat cream with blackberry sorbet. For an extreme experience, taste the chocolate leaves with white chocolate mousse and morello cherries. It’s always a great idea to book in advance. Zak opens daily from 9 am to 11 pm.

Location: Šafarikova 6, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia.

Serbia - Novi Sad - Goose liver with raspberry.

Goose liver with raspberry.

Sloppy Joe

For more casual dining, Sloppy Joe serves some of the best burgers and American food in town. Among their options, there’s classic with caramelized onions, hot with jalapeno peppers, Bourbon street burger with Bourbon sauce, and the Heart Stopper burger, which is a combination of all of them.

They also feature delicious pulled pork and Philly cheese sandwiches, chicken wings, and strips, along with country-style fried potatoes. The restaurant is open daily from 9 am to 11 pm, and from noon to 10 pm on Sundays.

Location: Daničićeva 1c, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia.

Serbia - Novi Sad - Home made hamburger with lettuce and cheese

Nothing better than a juicy burger!

Cubo Concept Bar & Restaurant

Cubo dubs itself as a concept bar and restaurant. It features a modern interior, a beautiful outdoor seating space, a romantic atmosphere, and live jazz, it’s no surprise that Cubo is one of the highest-rated restaurants in the city. Popular entrées include Osso Bucco, fillet steak with blue cheese sauce, and octopus with chorizo.

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However, no matter what you choose, the food is uniformly delicious. In addition, every September, the restaurant organizes the so-called Cubo Fest, a one-day festival with live music performances and wine tasting from seventeen local wineries. Cubo Concept Bar & Restaurant opens daily from 8 am to 11 pm, and until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Location: Strumička 16, Novi Sad, Serbia.

Serbia - Novi Sad - Street and Sidewalk Cafe

Sidewalk Cafes in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Surabaya Restaurant

A true Novi Sad institution since 1994, Surabaya Restaurant is a unique venue that combines Indonesian and Chinese cuisine adjusted to the regional tastes. Check out dishes like breaded chicken with shrimps in oyster sauce, pork with green pepper and bamboo, and veal pieces with fresh mushrooms.

There’re also hors d’oeuvres such as beef tongue with pepper and duck with ginger sauce. When it comes to desserts, don’t miss their Surabaya banana, a delicacy made with banana, ice cream, whipped cream, seasonal fruit, and chocolate sauce. Surabaya opens from 9 am to 11 pm and it’s closed on Sundays.

Location: Primorska 26, Novi Sad 405223, Serbia.

Serbia - Novi Sad - Pork chop with peppers, mushrooms and bamboo. Served with rice. Top down.

Pork chop with peppers and bamboo.

Balkan Ekspres 021

If you’re looking for a more old-fashioned Serbian restaurant, then check Balkan Ekspres 021. The place is in what used to be an 18th-century brewery, just beneath Petrovaradin Fortress.

This restaurant is famous for its warm atmosphere and the friendly staff. It features stunning views of the Danube, as well as large portions of classic Serbian dishes! What to try? Go for the Karadjordjeva snicla, a rolled veal or pork steak stuffed with kajmak, breaded and fried.

If you plan to visit, keep in mind their opening hours. Balkan Ekspres 021 opens from 11 am to 7 pm on Mondays, from 10 am to 11 pm from Tuesdays to Thursdays, from 10 am to 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays, and from 10 am to 8 pm on Sundays.

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Location: 1, Kamenički put 21132, Petrovaradin, Serbia.

Serbia - Novi Sad - Rolled steak with cheese on a clay plate standing on the wooden table

Traditional karadjordjeva snicla, a deep-fried rolled steak with kajmak.

Caffe Pizzeria Gondola

Another excellent Italian restaurant is Caffe Pizzeria Gondola, a place featuring a stylish interior, a gorgeous view of the Danube Park, and a wide selection of international cuisine right the city center of Novi Sad. Choose dishes such as the Josper oven beefsteak, or pork knuckles wrapped in dough with baby potatoes.

Other dishes to try include, roasted chicken fillet, or Szechuan veal. What’s more, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, Gondola offers a selection of Latin American specials, including tacos, nachos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and taquitos. Gondola is open daily from 8 am until midnight.

Location: Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 18, Novi Sad, Serbia.

Serbia - Novi Sad - Petrovaradin Fortress View of Danube

Danube Park, Novi Sad.


Piknik is located on Ribarsko Ostrvo, a popular peninsula by the Danube with a resort, bungalows, bars, and river-barge clubs on the water. This restaurant offers magical views of the river, a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere, and various meal options belonging to the regional cuisine.

If you’re in the mood for a memorable appetizer, check the locally popular tomato soup or tomato and mozzarella salad. Their main courses include stuffed rump steak, pork ribs, and veal fillet.

This place is great for families since Piknik is a kid-friendly place with a playground, a petting zoo, and Sunday theatre performances for the little ones. Piknik is open from 8 am to 11 pm, on Fridays and Saturdays it is open until 1 am.

Location: Ribarsko Ostrvo bb, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia.

Serbia - Novi Sad - Small fishing boats in Ribarsko ostrvo, Novi Sad

Ribarsko Ostrvo by the Danube.

Alla Lanterna

Located in the most picturesque setting of one of the oldest streets in Novi Sad is Alla Lanterna. This place offers various Italian, Mediterranean, and local dishes. Keep in mind that Alla Lanterna is also a cozy and comfortable bed and breakfast right in the city center.

Head there to enjoy their Frutti di mare pizza, topped with octopus, squid, mussels, and capers, or Pizza Lanterna, with spicy sausage, cured sirloin, and jalapeno pepper. There’s also a wide variety of pasta dishes, but I can’t help to recommend their chicken stuffed with prosciutto and smoked cheese.

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End with their flower pot cake with white or black chocolate mousse for dessert. Alla Lanterna opens daily from 8 am until midnight.

Location: Dunavska 27, Novi Sad, Serbia.

Serbia - Novi Sad - Dunavska street, , old town colorful buildings in Novi Sad, Serbia

Dunavska street in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Toster Bar

Only a short walk from Alla Lanterna is Toster Bar, a hidden gem, popular for its 100% local beef, and a fusion of the classic American burger with the Serbian pljeskavica, a meat patty, source of national pride.

On the burger side of the menu, go for a burger in a bowl if you’d rather skip the bread, ‘shroom, bacon, or for a hot burger, if you prefer it spicy. As far as pljeskavicas on the menu, check out Fire One with chili peppers, Deluxe, or Crispy with fried bacon. Sides include coleslaw and chili con carne fries with melted cheese on top.

To top it off, Toster has a wide variety of over fifty regional and international craft and bottled beers, and all for affordable prices. Toster Bar opens from 10 am to 11 pm and on Fridays and Saturdays, until 1 am.

Location: Njegoševa 10, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia.

Serbia - Novi Sad - Grilled serbian pljeskavica with kajmak cheese, prebranac, fries and red onion on a rustic wooden serving board,

Serbian pljeskavica.

Corso Café and Restaurant

If you’d prefer a bit more upscale experience, walk down the street to Corso Café and Restaurant. You’ll find a mix of several international cuisines. Among their delicacies are dishes such as meat stew with apricot jam, roasted veal with kajmak, pike perch, and squids with hot-sweet sauce.

Their selection of desserts is particularly impressive, and it includes cheesecakes, fruitcakes, and tiramisu. Enjoy their outdoor space during spring and summer right on Zmaj Jovina street, so you can enjoy the atmosphere in the very center of Novi Sad. Corso is open from 8 am to 11 pm, on Fridays and Saturdays it closes at midnight.

Location: Zmaj Jovina 17, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia.

Serbia - Novi Sad - Zmaj Jovina street

Zmaj Jovina street, Novi Sad.

Café & Restaurant Veliki

A place that entwines the cuisines of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and Serbia, Veliki is located in a 19th-century building holding the status of a historic and cultural landmark in town.

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Veliki is particularly known for the Vojvodina meze, a distinctive selection of meat and homemade cheese delicacies. You can also try some of their seasonal specials such as the smoked pork leg with baked cabbage and rolled veal with potatoes.

When it comes to main dishes, the selection is fantastic: from Hungarian goulash soup, fried goat cheese with vegetables, Slovak & Debrecen sausage to turkey medallions with cherry sauce, cheese sauce or dill sauce. You can check the restaurant from 8 am to 11 pm, on Fridays and Saturdays until midnight.

Location: Nikole Pašića 24, Novi Sad 21104, Serbia.

Serbia - Novi Sad -Serbian meze with prosciutto or pršut (pršuta), pancetta, kulen and sausage

Vojvodina meze.

Sarajevcki Cevap Kod Dakca

This restaurant is probably the best fast food place in town. Sarajevcki Cevap Kod Dakca operates in four different locations in Novi Sad. Known for barbecue and grilled dishes, Kod Dakca is famous for its cevapi, a grilled dish of minced meat considered a national dish in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia.

Although one might consider this restaurant chain small and unassuming, prices are affordable, portions are generous, and the food is unforgettable. It opens every day from 8 am to 11:30 pm.

Location: Braće Popović 4, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia. (Other venues are Cara Dušana 84, Bulevar Patrijarha Pavla 73, and Bulevar Oslobođenja 53).

Aren’t you starving yet? I bet you can’t wait to get to Novi Sad to try some of these places! These are only a few, but hardly all of Novi Sad restaurants worth visiting. No matter your food preferences, one thing’s for certain: you will never go hungry in this town!

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5 Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Pack for Novi Sad

Serbia - Gardos - Backpack

Our beloved PacSafe!

What you should pack depends greatly on the time of year. We have some packing lists that we’ll add soon to help you plan for your trip to Serbia, but for now, here are five things we don’t recommend you visit without!

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  2. Your swimsuit if you’re headed there during the warm months 
  3. An unlocked smartphone, so you can buy a cheap Serbian SIM card and stay connected
  4. Wet wipes and hand sanitizer, in case of a poorly stocked bathroom
  5. Comfortable walking and/or hiking shoes, so you can make the most of Serbia’s cities and national parks

Headed to Serbia? Don’t Forget Travel Insurance

If you’re planning a trip to Serbia, it’s a good idea to travel with a valid travel insurance policy, so that you will be covered in case of an emergency. Travel insurance covers you in case of theft or an accident, which can save your trip if there’s an incident, fall (a big winter risk!), or cancellation or trip interruption.

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