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Sofia is an easy city to fall in love with. The architecture is beautiful and elegant, with tough, gritty buildings mixed in between. The people are friendly but calm, allowing you to discover Sofia at your own pace. There are amazing natural wonders right outside the city, and gorgeous monasteries just a short drive away. ┬áHere are some of our favorite photos of Sofia to show why we think you’ll get swept away here, too.

Sofia is Romantic

Stepping into the street on Valentine’s Day during my first year here, I was blown away by how many men and women I saw carrying flowers to deliver to loved ones, toting small gifts they’d received earlier in the day, or simply holding hands walking down the street. Sofia’s international reputation is mysterious and hard-edged, but that is deceptive. Sofia is a city of love.


Bulgaria - Sofia -Valentine's Day Woman with Flowers

A woman waiting for the train with flowers.


It’s a Photographer’s Dream

While I adore talking street photos here because the people are so interesting, I also love taking photos of Sofia’s stunning architecture. One of the things I love is so many of my favorite buildings here are built in a way that makes them easy to photograph. Unlike many cities, who’s most lovely buildings are hidden on tiny medieval streets, Sofia’s best landmarks are often situated prominently at the ends of boulevards, on little squares, or (even better) standing on their own little island in the middle of the road. This makes capturing them more of an artistic challenge than a logistical one. This is also why so many images of Sofia seem like they’re right out a dream.


Bulgaria - Sofia - Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a wonderful building to photograph, as it’s surrounded by road on all sides and lookes very different depending on the angle you choose.


There is so much Beauty in the Details

Beyond the big, overwhelming architectural shots, Sofia is beautiful up close! I love taking time to spot some of its lovelier details and intricate patterns. Everywhere you look, there is something new to appreciate.


Bulgaria - Sofia - Doors of Alexander Nevsky

The carved doors of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral


Walking around the city, it’s important to let your eyes wander. Some of my very favorite photos of Sofia that I’ve taken are places few people might think to look.


Bulgaria - Sofia - Brickwork in front of the Central Mineral Baths

The patterned brickwork sidewalk in front of the Central Mineral Baths


Even its Communist Architecture is Stunning

It’s easy to appreciate a big, towering cathedral or the colorful domes of an Orthodox Church, but Sofia even has beautiful Communist architecture. This is especially true of the Largo complex, which centers on the Former Communist Party Headquarters and is built in the Socialist Classical Style.

Bulgaria - Sofia - The Largo

The Largo


But even it’s brutalist buildings have their own elegance, like the National Palace of Culture (also known as NDK), which has beautiful fountains in front of it that makes for a fun mix of soft and hard edges. This building also has striking artwork inside and during the day you can see Mount Vitosha behind.


Bulgaria - Sofia - NDK National Palace of Culture

The National Palace of Culture at Night on my old iPhone 6s – not a bad spot to take a photo


It’s Teaming with Old School Touches

One of the best reasons to travel the Balkans right now is that things are changing. While there are beautiful vintage yellow or green trams everywhere you look today, you also see the occasional new one, reminding everyone that the past will fade into memory. But right now, Sofia is a fabulous mix of the modern (freaking fast wifi and trendy cafes) with some of the most romantic vestiges of the past.


Bulgaria - Sofia - Tram in front of Sveta Nedelya

A vintage tram in front of Sveta Nedelya


While the new trains may be slick, I am in love with the beauty of these older ones.


Bulgaria - Sofia - Tram

Photographing the evening commute


While Also Showing Off its Modern Side

I recently went on a beautiful street art walk with Allison and our friend Gemma from Two Scots Abroad. The city has amazing street art, you just have to know where to find it. And because Sofia has so many Soviet-style high rise buildings, there’s lots of open real estate for serious mural artists to display their craft.


Bulgaria - Sofia - Street Art

This Urban Creatures gem is practically hidden but worth seeking out


The Hazdhi Dimitar neighborhood is one of the best spots for seeing how street art and soviet apartment buildings are a perfect modern adaptation for its leftover communist architectural legacy.


Bulgaria - Sofia - Street Art

A mural by Nazimo of Santa Dobri


It’s Simply Fabulous in the Springtime

While there are a ton of beautiful things to see year-round, each season has its own distinct pleasure. Spring, especially April, is an amazing time to walk around and enjoy the city squares. In late March, the city transforms, practically overnight. One morning there will be a light dusting of snow, and the next the entire city is alive with tulip beds, blossoming trees, and cultivated gardens.


Bulgaria - Sofia - City Garden Spring Flowers


This beauty is not relegated to the city, even the highways put on a springtime display!


Bulgaria - Road Trip - Thracian Highway

Yellow flowers decorating the Thracian Highway


And Everyone Comes out to Celebrate in the Summer

Once Sofia warms up, everyone comes out to play. Head to City Garden or Vitosha Boulevard and you’ll see groups of locals chatting and having a beer or impromptu picnic. There are old men playing dominoes or chess, teenagers circling up for hacky sack, and cultural clubs meeting up to do some traditional Bulgarian dances. And while you will spot a few tourists, Sofia is a great place for a summer vacation because the hordes of foreigners that head to Italy, Spain, and even Croatia haven’t discovered it yet.


Bulgaria - Sofia - City Gardens Landcape


While Autumn is Bursting with Rich Colors

If you can’t see Sofia in the spring or summer, don’t worry, because Sofia is also a great place to see in the fall. Autumn leaves change into fabulous colors, adding an extra flare to your hike on Mount Vitosha or a day trip out of the city. I’ve driven through New England to see the leaves change, and honestly, it’s better in Sofia.


Bulgaria - Sofia - Monument to the Soviet Army

A rich November sunset


The trees here love to put on a display, and the region’s mountains raise them on a pedestal for all to see.


Bulgaria - Sofia - View of Mount Vitosha from the National Historical Museum

Autumn on Mount Vitosha

And in Winter, Everything Glows Under a Dusting of Snow

Sofia is blessed with four distinct seasons, but winter is by no means less fun than the rest. The architecture here pops when covered in a layer of snow, and Mount Vitosha looms in the background, helping the city show off its winter side. If winter sports are your passion, you can ski or snowboard right on Mount Vitosha. However, if you’d rather stay in the city, you can explore the Christmas Market, go ice skating, or enjoy the amazing restaurants in Sofia.


Bulgaria - Sofia - Ivan Vazov Theater

Ivan Vazov is one of my favorite buildings to photograph here in winter.


The buildings here simply look like they were made to show off in the wintertime, making it a fabulous place for a winter city break.


Bulgaria - Sofia - The Russian Church

The Russian Church in a delicate layer of snow


It has Stunning Monasteries

No matter the season, if you come to Sofia, you must take a tour of one of the gorgeous monasteries. We have so many monasteries in Bulgaria that it’s hard to choose my favorite, but a day trip to Rila (just two hours away) should be on everyone’s itinerary.


Bulgaria - Rila - Rila Monastery

From my first trip to Rila monastery.


I love Rila so much that I keep going over and over. It’s amazing in every season, but I especially love the thick fog covering the mountains behind it in winter.


Bulgaria - Rila - Rila Monastery

Rila Monastery is even gorgeous in February


Kitchy Markets

If you are looking for cool and unusual things to do (and buy), Sofia’s markets are a great place to stop. We have many, but some of my favorites are the Open Air Book Market and the Ladies’ Market. In our markets, you can find everything for sale from used books to organic produce to old family photos and bits of military memorabilia.


Bulgaria - Sofia - Photos for Sale

Photos for Sale


Since I live near the Ladies’ market, I love visiting to snap photos of locals. While we list this place on our giant round-up of things to do in Sofia, I almost never see tourists when I’m there walking.


Bulgaria - Sofia - Jenskii Pazar


I especially love the mix of Bulgarian, English, Russian, and German books. For some reason, I adore the Cyrillic alphabet and, while my book purchases are all in English, I have a blast going through the Bulgarian titles. Whenever I spot a copy of Mark Twain or Ernest Hemingway in Bulgarian, I feel like this city is really home.


Bulgaria - Sofia - Used Book Kiosk

A Used Book Kiosk on Rakovsky


And the History is Everywhere

Sofia loves its literature, but it loves its history more. Whether you want to see a Thracian helmet, Roman church, or socialist statue, there’s a place in the city dedicated just for you. And while everyone heads to the Central Mineral Baths and the historic center, I love spending the afternoon at the Socialist Museum of Art and seeing all the artwork from the country’s socialist era in one place.


Bulgaria - Sofia - Museum of Socialist Art

This statue of Vladimir Lenin at the Museum of Socialist Art


Not every historic place worth visiting is easy to find! The Rotunda of St. George is the oldest building in Sofia, but the communists constructed buildings around it to hide it from view. This Roman church was saved, but you have to know where to find it.


Bulgaria - Sofia - Rotunda of St. George

The Rotunda of St. George is the oldest building in the city


Some Come to Sofia for the Culture

Sofia is a city full of students, theater, opera, and other cultural endeavors. Even if you can’t speak the language, you can appreciate its cultured core, its love of language, and the beauty of its intellectualism.


Bulgaria - Sofia - Newstand

A newstand near the university


Even some of its benches are monuments to literature and literacy!


Bulgaria - Sofia - Slaveykov Square Open Book Market

One of the benches at the Slaveykov Square Open Book Market

Others come for the Spectacular Views

We love photographing the city from the street, but it’s also gorgeous from above! One of my favorite things is to head to Sense Rooftop Bar (one of the best bars in Sofia) and enjoy the views of the city.


Bulgaria - Sofia - Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral from Sense Rooftop Bar


Some of the great views are just outside the city, like this one from Kopitoto on Mount Vitosha.


Bulgaria - Sofia - Vitosha Kopitoto

The lovely mountains from the viewpoint at Kopitoto


But Everyone who Visits Falls in Love with the Vibrant Sunsets

I have no idea why, but the sunsets in Sofia are some of the most beautiful city sunsets I’ve ever seen. At times the sky is violently pink, tinged with gorgeous oranges and yellows, while at other times it’s a soft, misty pink and purple.

Bulgaria - Sofia - Central Market Hall sunset

A sunset in Sofia, Bulgaria


I love walking home at sunset and watching the sky change as I make my way through the city.


Bulgaria - Sofia - Borisova Gradina Park

A soft sunset at Borisova Gradina Park


The Only Things You’ll Cherish More than Your Photos of Sofia is Your Memories of Our Wonderful City


What’s Your Favorite Image of Sofia?




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