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Cappadocia is truly a dream, either seen with your own eyes or behind the lens. I’ll admit that it was the strength of the imagery I saw on Instagram that ever inspired me to visit there. And when I found myself back in Istanbul for the second time last fall, it was a no brainer that I had to make it out to Cappadocia this time.

Luckily, getting out to Cappadocia is relatively easy and cheap, due to absurdly low domestic flight prices in Turkey (partly thanks to a depressed Turkish lira – horrible for Turks, great for tourists). That meant I was able to fly from Istanbul to Cappadocia for about $20 USD, though of course that doesn’t factor in things like luggage or airport transportation, etc.

However, it’s way cheaper than you think to get to this beautiful paradise of amazing rock formations, killer sunsets, unique hotels, and of course – the morning riot of color in the form of hundreds of picturesque balloons floating endlessly into the sunrise sky.

There are so many beautiful Instagram spots in Cappadocia, but Cappadocia is a bit more difficult to ‘gram than other places. For one, many of the most Instagrammable places in Cappadocia are inside of hotels, and not every hotel allows guests to come in and take dramatic photo shoots in their interior (as you can likely imagine).

If you are a dedicated Instagrammer, I’d advise spending 3-4 nights in Cappadocia and staying in two different hotels to get an incredible variety of photos that can add a little magic to your feed for the months to come. Don’t worry, I’ll suggest all my favorite Cappadocia hotels that are just made to sparkle on the ‘gram below! After that, I’ll suggest my favorite Cappadocia photography spots around the Cappadocia area, which includes towns such as Nevsehir, Goreme, and Uchisar. Personally, I think Goreme is the best!

Most Instagrammable Hotels in Cappadocia

The most Insta-worthy spots in Cappadocia, unfortunately, are usually inside of hotels and access is typically restricted to non-guests. As a result, you’ll really want to book your hotel carefully. I stayed at a nice cave hotel, Chelebi Cave House, but while it was clean, cozy, and budget friendly, it certainly wasn’t “Instagrammable.”

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The hotels I’m going to recommend are all beautifully designed with Instagram in mind and are definitely worth a splurge if you are an avid Instagrammer!

Sultan Cave Suites

Of all the Instagrammable places in Cappadocia, this is the most commonly photographed.

My friend Gemma of Two Scots Abroad stayed here during her time in Cappadocia and she let me in on a few of the secrets of this place. Apparently, the whole trend of eating ‘breakfast’ at this place while watching the balloons was started by @doyoutravel, who requested they move the cushions and breakfast area over by the balcony for photos… and that trend caught on like wildfire, with several Cappadocia hotels now doing the same!

However, if you think you’re about to eat your breakfast there, think again: that little table set up is just a prop, not an actual breakfast, and Instagrammers take turns (sometimes kindly, sometimes cattily!) getting their shots here. If you’re an avid Instagrammer, you’ll understand and even love this set up…. if you’re a less photo-hungry traveler, you may find it a bit of an odd set up.

Keep in mind that access to Sultan Cave Suites’ rooftop is strictly only available to guests! Gemma said that there were staff on the roof turning away groups of non-guests who kept trying to show up and get their photo taken here. So if that iconic rooftop shot is a must for you, be sure to book at least one night at Sultan Cave Suites (and book it early, as it sells out quickly), and don’t count on using your charm to get your way into the coveted breakfast spot.

Learn more about Sultan Cave Suites here

Don’t fear if the breakfast nook is taken – there are beautiful spots all around Sultan Cave Suites, from the gorgeous balconies covered in cushions to hidden vista spots.

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Don’t want to battle it out Hunger Games style for the classic breakfast shot, or just want to do something a little different? Bring some lightweight fairy lights like @tiebowtie did and compose a dreamy night shot with the lovely rock formations of Göreme providing an otherworldly backdrop.

As for the actual rooms, they are quite cozy and similar in design to the rest of the hotel, with Turkish furnishing details and an actual working fireplace inside of real cave rooms. The embed below has an actual video of the room so you can see what it looks like inside.

Intrigued? Check prices, reviews, and photos of Sultan Cave Suites here

Henna Hotel

If you’re looking for a more unique design hotel, Henna Hotel is absolutely gorgeous and it’s way less “discovered” than Sultan Cave Suites, which I feel like I see on Instagram every other day. If your Instagram aesthetic is all about interiors, patterns, and a slightly off the beaten path vibe, Henna Hotel is a dreamy place to stay in Cappadocia.

I mean, look at that dream-worthy interior! Can you imagine eating breakfast in that room, nearly 200 years old, all the while looking out the window and seeing balloons float past?

But of course, like any hotel worth its salt in Cappadocia, it has a beautiful rooftop where you can sit at sunrise and watch the balloons rise over the sky – with props like a Turkish nargileh and plenty of Turkish rugs as well to complete the look.

Learn more about Henna Hotel here

The rooms themselves are definitely on the dreamy side as well.

Each room comes with finely designed details like ornate doors as headboards, woven curtains, and traditional Turkish cotton sheets – all in a cave hotel with modern amenities like air conditioning.

Planning a visit? Check prices, availability, and more photos of Henna Hotel here

Taskonaklar Hotel

Imagine watching hundreds of balloons float by from the privacy of your own personal outdoor jacuzzi – breakfast included, naturally? That’s what’s unique about the beautiful Taskonaklar Hotel in Cappadocia.

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Perfect any time of year, but especially dreamy if you visit Cappadocia in the winter when it’s all covered in snow!

It’s not quite as popular as say, Sultan Cave Suites yet, so if you are looking for an Instagrammable hotel in Cappadocia that will make all of your followers say “wow” and wonder where your Cappadocia photos were taken – this is my pick!

In addition to dreamy Jacuzzis with epic valley views, they also have other Instagram spots in this Cappadocia hotel.

Just check out these cool and ultra Insta-worthy swings!

Learn more about Taskonaklar Hotel here

Inside, though, it gets even more dreamy (if that’s possible) with antique furnishings with traditional Turkish details. I’m oohing and awwing over that original wood beam ceiling, the cave walls, the amazing mihrab-like fireplace, that antique sewing machine (!) and the incredibly detail-rich textiles. Can I just move in, please?

Check ratings, reviews, prices, and availability of Taskonaklar Hotel here!

Museum Hotel

If you want a dreamy place for sunrise balloon photos, you’d be hard pressed to beat the dreamy infinity-style pool at Museum Hotel – yes, breakfast can be included (and it’ll be real, unlike the props at Sultan Cave Suites).

Further, the hotel has several honors – it’s been awarded both the Best Luxury Boutique Hotel and the Best Hotel Architecture in Europe! With accolades like those, you can be sure the service will match the beautiful views.

Learn more about Museum Hotel here!

I’m just endlessly in love with that infinity pool – it offers so many unique compositions, reflections, angles, and potential throughout all different hours of the day to look beautiful.

I mean, look at this shot!

There are other Instagrammable nooks and crannies throughout the hotel, so you can get several different shots for your feed out of one stay.

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Here are a few of my favorite angles of this hotel!

The rooms step it up a notch as well, with gorgeous décor and antique details befitting the name “Museum Hotel” (and yes, the hotel actually has several artifacts which you can view yourself!)

Some of them even have private hot tub in the rooms themselves!

Considering Museum Hotel? Click to see more reviews, photos, prices, and availability here!

Artemis Cave Suite

Another Cappadocia classic with a stunning roof deck, this is a great option for Cappadocia Instagrammers!

Adorable dog included 😉 Which, frankly, is enough of a reason to make me book here.

It isn’t quite as Instagram-famous as the other hotels in the area, but it is a good deal more affordable, so if you are looking for an Insta-friendly hotel on a lower price range this may be a good bet for you.

Learn more about Artemis Cave Suites here!

That’s not to say it’s not photogenic! Just look at all these cool photo spots:

Koza Cave Hotel

The highest hotel in Cappadocia, Koza Cave Hotel is where you go when you want the most epic, sweeping views of Cappadocia Valley.

It has one of the most beautifully designed rooftops, tied with Sultan Cave Suites in my opinion, but it’s not quite as Insta-famous so you are more likely to have a relatively undisturbed photo shoot here than at Sultan Cave Suites.

It’s a family run hotel so there are only 10 rooms, so you’ll have to book up early – but that also means you won’t have many people to compete with when it comes to getting your photos.

Learn more about Koza Cave Hotel here!

Didn’t bring a dreamy Instagram dress? They even have a cute blue blanket you can steal (temporarily, for the ‘gram!) to add some contrast or just keep you warm between photos.

The room themselves are beautiful as well – take a look inside! Some even have indoor cave jacuzzi tubs – swoon.

Want to know more? Check out Koza Cave Suites’ page for more info on prices, availability, reviews, and more.

Other Instagrammable Places in Cappadocia

While the hotels are typically the star of most Cappadocia Instagram shots, there are plenty of places around Cappadocia that are also worth visiting for their Instagrammability.

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Some of these are popular, some are a bit more offbeat, so check it out and add a few of these to your Cappadocia photography list!

Galerie Ikman

One of the most beautiful stores I’ve ever seen, Galerie Ikman is on most Insta-lovers bucket list on their trip to Cappadocia.

Once a typical souvenir shop, this rug shop owned by an Instagram-savvy businessman is now a major spot for Instagram shoots in Cappadocia. Before you go here, know what you are getting into or risk being like one of the hundreds of people leaving bad Trip Advisor reviews.

#1 – Photos are not free, and you must ask permission (and pay) to take photos.

#2 – You must remove your shoes before entering

He charges 50 lira (about $10 USD) to take photos in there for 10 minutes. For the “drone service” like below, it costs a whopping 50 euros, or so I’ve heard!! Not my cup of tea, but if you are a dedicated Instagrammer or are planning to offset the cost by using it for sponsored posts, I’m sure you’ll pay whatever you want for photos like this!

Note: If you plan on buying a carpet, I’ve heard that you should skip Galerie Ikman as they are overpriced and a bit pushy with the sales. Instead, head to Sultan Carpets, next on this list.

Sultan Carpets

A beloved carpet seller in Cappadocia, Sultan Carpets has also cottoned on to the Instagram trend and is taking advantage by offering a few different photo services.

They have a costume rental, where you can rent a traditional dress, as well as “drone service.”

I’m sure they charge for photos but to be honest I’m not sure of the current rates – I’d be grateful if you could leave a comment letting me know if you come here for Instagram photos!

From a Hot Air Balloon

Unless you have a deathly fear of heights, you can’t come to Cappadocia and not fly on a hot air balloon!

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Quite simply, it was one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had in my life and is well worth every single penny. It is not a cheap experience, nor is it prohibitively expensive (again, thank you, favorable conversion rate!). However, don’t go with the cheapest option – you want a well-reviewed company, as a few crashes have happened with less reputable companies.

I recommend Royal Balloon as they have some of the most experienced pilots with thousands of hours of flying time, an average 5-star Trip Advisor rating with over 2500 reviews, and the best reviews on Get Your Guide. They are the gold standard in Cappadocia for a reason! This tour includes a transfer, breakfast buffet, 1-hour balloon ride, and a champagne celebration!

Check out reviews, prices, and availability with Royal Balloon here!

Open Air Museum

To see a bit of what life was like in Cappadocia well before the Instagram days, check out the incredible (and incidentally, quite photogenic) open air museum! Tickets are only 25 lira, about $5 USD, and it’s well worth it.

It gets crowded around mid-day and the light for photos get quite harsh, so it’s better early in the morning or around sunset.

You can visit independently, but it’s also on the Red Tour which covers many other sites on this list.

Monks Valley (Pasabag)

Some of the most unique “fairy chimneys” aka hoodoos that you’ll find in Cappadocia are in the area called Pasabag, aka Monks Valley.

It’s located on the road between Zelve and Goreme, and many day tours will stop here, or you can hire a taxi to get you here. Public transportation in Cappadocia leaves a bit to be desired, so even though I am generally an independent traveler who skips guided tours, I actually got around mostly using day tours as they were the most convenient! This is part of the famous Red Tour, which encompasses several of the most Instagrammable places in Cappadocia in one easy day tour – I did it and highly recommend it! This is the company I recommend for the Red Tour.

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This private tour also covers it and may be a better option if you need more time to set up your Instagram shots and don’t want to deal with the rush of a guided tour!

Uchisar Castle

The views from Uchisar Castle, about 10 minutes’ driving distance from the main Cappadocian town of Goreme, is well worth it – I mean, look at those views!

I especially love that mosque pointing out against the landscape of homes and hotels, don’t you? Also part of the Red Tour.

Dream of Cappadocia Viewpoint

There are a number of ‘frame-like’ viewpoints in Cappadocia, this one is called “Dream of Cappadocia” and it has a beautiful nest-like design.

Love Valley

Euphemistically named “Love Valley” for all the phallic-shaped rocks in the area, this is a beautiful area where you can get a lovely photo from a vantage point up high. Many Cappadocia tours will bring you to this viewpoint or you can rent a car and ask around!

I recommend making like @elizrahajeng and bringing a colorful blanket to spread out and take photos on.

Goreme Pottery Tree

Just outside of Goreme, you’ll find this beautiful pottery shop with some of their wares strung up on a tree. It’s a great place for photos and shopping for Turkish souvenirs!

Ethem Ustanin Yeri

One of the most famous viewpoints in Cappadocia in the nearby town of Ortahisar, this is well-worth a visit for its cute frame effect with typical Cappadocian charms like the blue ‘evil eyes’.

Evil Eye Tree, Love Valley

Seen at the popular viewpoint for Love Valley, the “Evil Eye Tree” is beautiful and extremely photogenic – I love this shot @mariarahajeng captured!

Heart Bench, Love Valley

Part of the Red Tour around Cappadocia, the Heart Bench at the Love Valley viewpoint is another popular photo spot.

Lake Tuz

Bolivia’s salt flats? Mexico’s Laguna Colorada? Nope, it’s Turkey’s very own Lake Tuz, the second largest salt lake in the country.

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It’s hard to get here independently so I recommend visiting on a guided tour that encompasses Lake Tuz and the Underground City (a highlight of any trip to Cappadocia, though admittedly not that Instagrammable!) The tour I recommend is this one.


One of my personal favorite places in Cappadocia, this rock-cut monastery is beautiful. It’s on the Green Tour (this is the tour company I recommend) which is slightly less popular than the more famous Red Tour, so you won’t have to fight for photos quite as much. It’s also further out – about an hour away from Goreme – so it’s a bit off the beaten path.

Ihlara Valley

Another place I stopped on my Green Tour, the Ihlara Valley is a beautiful and easy 4 kilometer trek, complete with the world’s most adorable tea stop!

Planning to travel to Cappadocia, Turkey? This guide to the most Instagrammable places in Cappadocia will help you plan the perfect Cappadocia photography locations. Full of scenic Cappadocia cave hotels in Uchisar and Goreme, this guide to Instagramming Cappadocia will serve you well!