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Brasov is one of the cutest towns in Transylvania, with its Saxon city walls, winding streets, and mountain backdrop with its cheeky Hollywood-style sign. There are tons of cozy cafés beckoning you off the streets for a quick pause,

There are so many Instagrammable spots in Brasov that it’s hard to know where to start, but here are a few of our favorites.

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Want to know the best photography places in Brasov? This guide to Instagram in Brasov covers all the best places to visit in Brasov, Romania, from Poiana Brasov to Strada Sforii to cute restaurants and cafes and bars. All the photoshoot inspiration you need, perfect for summer, winter, fall, or spring!
Want to know the best photography places in Brasov? This guide to Instagram in Brasov covers all the best places to visit in Brasov, Romania, from Poiana Brasov to Strada Sforii to cute restaurants and cafes and bars. All the photoshoot inspiration you need, perfect for summer, winter, fall, or spring!

The Old Town Hall (Casa Sfatului)

In the heart of Brasov, you’d find it hard to miss the Old Town Hall, part of Piața Sfatului, the main square. Casa Sfatului is its name, hence where the name of the square (piața, pronounced ‘piatsa‘ similar to the Italian piazza — remember, Romanian is a romance language!) comes from.

While the whole square is picturesque, this is one of our favorite Instagram spots in Brasov for its cute facade and quirky clocktower. While it’s been restored and looks brand new, it actually dates back the 15th century.

Address: Piața Sfatului, Brașov, Romania

The White Tower

Many of the towers that made up the Saxon walls of Brasov have been converted into viewpoints and museums for tourists to enjoy.

The Black and White Towers are both beautiful but personally, I prefer the view from the White Tower (Turnul Alb) because it has a slightly better view of Piata Sfatului.

Address: Turnul Alb, Calea Poienii, Brașov, Romania

Note: The interior of the tower itself is closed to visitors, but you can still access the gorgeous views from the staircases, and there is no charge.

The Black Tower

This viewpoint is quite beautiful too and most people visit both the Black and White Tower during their time in Brasov. The Black Tower has a great view of the Black Church, so it depends what you want to get in your photo!

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Similar to the White Tower, you can’t actually go inside but there is a great viewing platform that is free.

Address: Turnul Negru, Brașov, Romania

The Black Church (Biserica Neagră)

While you can get a great view of the Black Church from the Black Tower, perhaps you want a little more of a close up or some detail shots.

The Romanian name for this church is Biserica Neagră and it’s one of the most photogenic places in Brasov! This unique church was built by the city’s German population over 600 years ago in the Gothic style, which is quite unusual for Romania.

Address: Curtea Johannes Honterus 2, Brașov 500025, Romania

Note: It can be a bit tricky to photograph from close up so you’ll want to bring your widest angle lens!

Tampa Hill

Take the cable car up Tampa Hill for some of the most impressive city views of Brasov.

Be aware that there can sometimes be a long line for the cable car on weekends and in high season, so try to go early in the morning to catch the golden morning light and skip the crowds.

Address: Aleea Tiberiu Brediceanu, Brașov, Romania

Note: A roundtrip in the cable car costs 18 lei, or if you only want to go one way and hike up or down the other a single way is 10 lei.


One of the cutest cafés in Brasov, chock full of books, this is a great place to refuel when you’re nearby the Council Square and need a quick caffeination stop. It’s also ultra-Instagrammable to boot!

Address: Strada Republicii 50, Brașov (it’s a bit hard to find as it’s upstairs and down an alleyway, so keep your eyes out for the sign)

Pharmacy Cafe (Dr. Jekelius)

The unusual Pharmacy Cafe is one of the quirkier, off the beaten path places in Brasov and it’s a must on any Instagrammer’s Brasov itinerary.

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It looks like an old-fashioned pharmacy on the outside, and on the interior you’ll find a cozy café made to look like an early 20th-century pharmacy – most of the decor was bought from a Sibiu pharmacist and dates back to 1905.

Even funkier, your cocktails come in large test tubes!

Address: Strada Michael Weiss 13, Brașov, Romania

Strada Sforii

Also called “Rope Street,” this is one of the narrowest streets in Europe – you can’t even spread your arms to their full span while walking the street.

At its narrowest point its 111 cm (44 inches, not even two feet!) and at its widest, it’s 135 cm (53 inches) – pretty wild!

Address: Strada Sforii, Brașov, Romania

Note: Having trouble finding it? It’s near Schei Gate and perpendicular to Strada Cerbului, and you’ll likely find a fellow tourist or two taking photos there!

Brasov Citadel

Located looming over the city of Brasov, the Brasov Fortress is one of the best places to get a killer view of the city laid below you (and some awesome Instagram photos of Brasov Fortress, too).

The streets you’ll walk winding your way up to the fortress are quite photogenic too!

Address: Strada Dealul Cetăţii 5, Brașov, Romania

Rasnov Fortress

Not far from Brasov, and similar looking in name enough to make anyone feel dyslexic, Rasnov Fortress is a common side trip from Brasov. It’s a tiny bit out of the way if you are staying in Brasov but if you want some beautiful Instagram shots it’s one of the must-visit places in Brasov.

Address:  Strada Cetății 17, Râșnov, Romania

Note: You can DIY a day trip here but best and easiest is to take a taxi. It should cost about 40 lei ($10 USD) but it depends on your negotiating skills and your taxi driver’s mood.

You can take a guided tour as well which is even easier. This 5* tour includes Rasnov and Bran Castle, another Instagram must-see in near Brasov, and it’s a great way to save money and time if you want to see both Rasnov Fortress and Bran Castle in a single day trip, as they are close to each other and easy to cluster.

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Bran Castle

Not in Brasov proper but a good 30-minute drive (or much longer bus experience), Bran Castle is an absolute must on most people’s Transylvania itineraries.

While it’s most famous for being the inspiration for Dracula’s castle, a lot of that is all hype – the writer of Dracula never even visited Romania! Still, Bran Castle is gorgeous, only a tiny bit spooky, and infinitely Instagrammable.

Note: Getting here independently can be a pain in the ass, so I recommend driving or a guided tour. This 5* tour includes Rasnov and Bran Castle and couldn’t be easier to do. We also have a guide on how to get there from Bucharest!