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Cappadocia is a photography dreamscape, and an essential part of planning your visit to this magical wonderland is picking the best cave hotel in Cappadocia with epic balloon views.

While you may think that picking a cave hotel in Cappadocia will cost you a fortune, in reality, there is such a wide range of accommodations options that you really can have this incredible bucket list experience on a moderate budget.

I visited Cappadocia during a Muslim holiday, when the prices of all the accommodations were quite high, and I still only paid approximately $45 USD per night for a genuine cave hotel with an actual jacuzzi bathtub inside (of course, I paid more for a room with a tub, because I’m extra like that). The hotel had a lovely terrace with breakfast and sunrise balloon views, and while it was by no means as Instagrammable as other Cappadocia hotels, it was no less magical.

Commonly Asked Questions about Staying in a Cave Hotel in Cappadocia

I know it may seem crazy to sleep in a cave, so let me dispel some of the most common misconceptions and answer some questions about what it’s really like to stay in a cave hotel in Cappadocia.

Q: Is it comfortable?

Yes, sleeping in a cave hotel is extremely comfortable! All cave hotels have electricity and modern conveniences like indoor plumbing. Most cave hotels have air conditioning and virtually all should have heating, though if you are traveling at a particularly hot or cold time of year, do your due diligence in ensuring the Cappadocia cave hotel you select has the appropriate climate control. The cave hotel I stayed in Cappadocia had air conditioning, a towel warmer, and a jacuzzi tub – hardly roughing it! However, I will note that WiFi can be tricky due to the thick cave walls, though generally, it is perfectly fast in the lobby or open areas.

Q: Is it dark and/or claustrophobic?

In many cave hotels there is not a ton of natural light but if you are staying in a larger cave suite with a big window then you won’t have a problem! Most of the cave hotels I’ve researched have one window that you can open and close to control the light, so you won’t feel completely trapped in the dark. If you are particularly claustrophobic you’ll want to scour the photos of your room type to ensure you have a window. My room had a small window which helped me not feel too claustrophobic, and every cave hotel will have plenty of indoor light as well to brighten up your room and make it cozy.

Q: Is it expensive?

Delightfully, no, not at all! While of course there are several luxury cave hotels in Cappadocia that offer a premium service for a premium price, there are a number of quite affordable Cappadocia accommodations that will offer a similar experience for a quarter of the price (or less). I personally in a mid-range cave hotel, Chelebi Cave House, and for around $50 per night (in September during Eid Al-Adha, so pretty much as high season as it gets!). Despite the affordable price tag, I had a great experience! It can’t compare to a luxury hotel, but for where to stay in Cappadocia on a budget, it was a fantastic choice.

A quick note on the budget categories below: I did a Booking search for them for one month in the future, a time that’s not particularly peak season nor low season either. The prices I’ve listed below are based off the most affordable room at that hotel. However, various factors may change the cost of the room – staying in a double room vs. a more expensive suite, day of the week, seasonality, holidays and festivals, etc. – so please use these price ranges as a general guide rather than strictly accurate.

Where to Stay in Cappadocia: Luxury Cave Hotels in Cappadocia ($150/night+)

I’ll start with luxury cave hotels in Cappadocia because they are something truly unique and spectacular, but budget travelers, don’t fear as I will have plenty of recommendations for you on where to stay in Cappadocia on a budget near the end of the post. I haven’t personally stayed in any of these hotels yet, but hopefully soon!

Sultan Cave Suites

The Instagram classic, you’ve undoubtedly seen the breakfast set-up at Sultan Cave Suites approximately eleventy jillion times during your scrolling on Instagram. While this is staged (the food is not meant to be eaten and you must take your turn to get the shot), there is an actually edible delicious Turkish breakfast spread ready for you once you’ve gotten your Insta pics, so you can snap your ‘breakfast photos’ without your food getting cold. Oh, also, there’s an adorable dog included. Marketing genius.

But breakfast aside, let’s talk the rooms and amenities. All of the rooms are quite spacious, setting aside any claustrophobic ideas you may have about staying in a cave hotel in Cappadocia.

Every room is technically a suite so there is not only just a room with a bed, but also a sitting area and modern bathroom all as part of the room. There are four sizes, ranging from smallest to bigger (and thus cheapest to most expensive): junior suite, suite, king suite, and sultan suite.

What each room has varies – some have a fireplace, others a giant balcony with views over the town of Göreme, so check through the photos of various rooms on Booking (you can do so here) and make sure you’re getting the room you want.

If you want a glimpse inside the suites, this is what they look like – genuine cave rooms!

While I unfortunately haven’t gotten the chance to stay in this hotel personally, the reviews on Booking back it up, so check them out here for detailed user experiences.

Some of the best amenities of Sultan Cave Suites include a gorgeous sun terrace with sweeping views of Göreme and its many fairy chimneys and fellow cave hotels, affordable shuttle service, a concierge who will help you organize excursions, a swimming pool, and a sauna/steam room at an extra charge if you want a day of pure R&R.

While Sultan Cave Suites often sells out, it is one of the more affordably luxury cave hotels in the region, with prices as low as $150 per night when you can be lucky enough to score a room. Not bad for the most photographed hotel in town!

Check out guest reviews, prices, and availability at Sultan Cave Suites here.

Museum Hotel

Awarded both the Best Luxury Boutique Hotel and the Best Hotel Architecture in Europe, you can rest easy that Museum Hotel is one of the finest cave hotels in Cappadocia. It’s located in Uchisar, not Göreme, which is a smaller town but Göreme is easily accessible by taxi if you want to head into that town and its famous carpet stores and open air museum. However, there are still plenty of restaurants and any tours you want to do will pick you up in Uchisar, so you don’t have to feel envy that you’re not staying in Göreme.

If you want a dreamy place for sunrise balloon photos, you’d be hard pressed to beat the dreamy infinity-style pool at Museum Hotel – yes, breakfast can be included poolside! Better yet, the pool is heated so you can enjoy it even if you visit Cappadocia in winter.

The coolest thing about Museum Hotel is that its name isn’t in vain: the hotel is literally set within historic ruins which have been renovated to provide an incredible hotel experience. It has a number of artifacts from around Turkey that create a ‘museum’ within a hotel, plus each room is furnished with invaluable antiques that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Staying here is like staying in a living, breathing, 5* piece of history.

Rooms range from deluxe suites to spa suites with jacuzzis and stone massage tables. Some of these rooms are accessible through original tunnels that date back to the cave’s original purpose, adding an extra layer of intrigue your Cappadocia cave hotel stay. Each room is extremely different with different levels of luxury increasing with each room tier, so be sure to go through the details of each room type before booking so as to avoid disappointment.

Here’s a little walkthrough of one of their suites:

Museum Hotel is a step above other cave hotels in Cappadocia and is priced to match. You can get the lowest-level room for as low as $400 in the off season, but be prepared to pay double that in the peak season, so it’s certainly a splurge (honeymoon, anyone?).

Certain rooms even come with a literal free wine tap so brb, pooling my life’s savings in exchange for a paltry few nights’ stay right now.

Curious? Check guest reviews, prices, and availability here.

Mithra Cave Hotel

For a luxury cave suite with fantastic views of the air balloons lifting off in the Cappadocia Valley from a gorgeous – with a cute pup included, to boot – Mithra Cave Hotel is a fantastic place to stay for Instagrammers and luxury seekers.

In addition to the beautiful rooftop terrace, there are plenty of luxury amenities worth enjoying at Mithra Cave Hotel. Air conditioning in every cave suite, spa and massage facilities on site, and wonderful design elements elevate Mithra Cave Hotel above its competitors.

Inside, they have gorgeous cave rooms that are stripped down and minimalist yet strikingly beautiful. It’s not so fancy that it seems out of place with the cave concept, but it’s still undeniably luxurious.

Check out prices, availability, reviews, and photos of Mithra Cave Hotel here

Where to Stay in Cappadocia: The Best Mid-Range Cave Hotels in Cappadocia ($50-150 per night)

Chelebi Cave House Hotel

This is where I stayed in Cappadocia and I found it worth every penny! I got an abnormally good deal and paid $50 per night for a double room with a jacuzzi (not a comped stay). It was the high season because I was visiting during Eid Al-Adha and it was one of the few hotels left, so I was lucky to end up snagging such a beautiful hotel at the last minute despite the holiday. Generally, Chelebi Cave House Hotel is a little more expensive than what I paid now (perhaps they’ve increased their rates since I visited in fall of 2017) but it’s still an excellent deal and absolutely worth it.

They had an absolutely delicious daily Turkish breakfast with an incredible view of fairy chimneys and other cave hotels nestled in Cappadocia’s beautiful and unique topography.

I can say firsthand that the staff was really helpful and friendly, assisting us with booking tours around the city, organizing transportation from the airport (a long way away in Kayseri as the nearby Nevsehir airport was closed at the time), and figuring out onward transport to Pamukkale.

There are a variety of room options available, from suites to double rooms. I opted for the economy double but I got the jacuzzi upgrade because bathtubs are life.

For the sake of continuity with all the Instagram embeds in this article, my economy double room looked something like this – comfortable, but nothing too fancy, but what can you really expect at that price?

The rest of the building is quite beautiful, a traditional Greek house built in the Cappadocian style and dating back to . There are five cave rooms and three stone rooms so if you have your heart 100% set on sleeping in a cave room be sure to check the room description when booking and ensure you are getting the right room type.

Check out guest reviews, prices, and availability here.

Henna Konak Hotel

While I love luxury hotels, realistically, I almost never book them. I travel more than most people do, about 50% of the time, and contrary to popular belief a lot of travel bloggers actually prefer to pay their own way with hotels rather than chasing complimentary stays based off exchange of services: these collaborations are often more trouble than they’re worth. Therefore, mid-range hotels are what I tend to book, and I’m always keeping an eye out for affordable luxury hotels with personality and a keen sense of aesthetics.

When I researched the prices for Henna Konak Hotel I was truly shocked at how affordable one of the most beautiful hotels in Cappadocia is. Henna Hotel is absolutely gorgeous and it’s way less “discovered” than Sultan Cave Suites, which I feel like I see on Instagram every other day. If your aesthetic is all about interiors, patterns, and a slightly off the beaten path vibe, Henna Hotel is a dreamy place to stay in Cappadocia.

While it’s not a Cappadocia cave hotel in the strictest sense, its stone walls blend into the geography of the city in a traditional way that’s been done for over 400 years, so if you’re not strictly seeking to sleep in a cave room but are more interested in the historical architecture and traditional design of Cappadocia homes (as it used to be a mansion), it can be an excellent choice.

I’m especially in love with the detail of this exquisite breakfast room dating back to 1823 and preserved in pristine condition… I mean, who needs hot air balloons? Though of course, not to be outdone, Henna Hotel also has a gorgeous rooftop terrace where you can sit on some carpets that have been laid out and watch the balloons.

The rooms are beautifully designed with bespoke furnishings, and while they’re not quite as luxurious as, say, a spa suite with a built-in massage table, they look extremely cozy and aesthetically pleasing.

Virtually every guest review raves about the host, Mustafa, and so you can rest assured that you’ll receive 5* service with the intimacy that only a small boutique hotel can offer.

The hotel was used as a mansion until 2014, with rooms nearly 400 years old and decorated with the traditional stone-room structure you’ll find in many Cappadocia cave hotels. The mansion underwent three years of renovation and opened as a boutique hotel in 2017, with only six rooms. As it’s still rather new, everything feels cozy and fresh.

For an example of the interior, check out this shot provided by the hotel (you can peruse more photos here):

Each room comes with finely designed details like ornate doors as headboards, woven curtains, and traditional Turkish cotton sheets. All of this can be found in a small hotel that’s kept its original structure, while adding modern amenities like air conditioning.

Keep in mind this is an extremely small boutique hotel that is getting more popular by the day due to its Instagrammability, so book in advance if you have your heart set on staying here.

Check out guest reviews, prices, and availability here.

Where to Stay in Cappadocia: Best Budget Cave Hotels (Under $50/night)

Travellers Cave Pension

One of the more affordable cave hotels in Cappadocia, Travellers Cave Pension offers a traditional cave room experience without a huge price tag. Opened in 2010, it’s a small, 10-room boutique hotel so you can be sure to have a personalized experience. It even has a hidden underground hammam room if you want to add a spa experience to your stay!

There is also a peaceful garden and terrace with balloon and fairy chimney view for all guests to enjoy. It offers a combination of stone and cave rooms so if you really want a cave room, be sure to clarify that when booking.

The rooms feature traditional Turkish furnishings and private en-suite bathrooms. They have central heating in the winter although no air conditioning in the summer. The stone walls should not make the heat an issue but in the case of abnormally high temperatures this could potentially be uncomfortable, so keep that in mind.

Check out guest reviews, prices, and availability here.

Gedik Cave Hotel

Another budget-friendly place to stay in Cappadocia, Gedik Cave Hotel offers an affordable option in the heart of Göreme town. This stone-built mansion is exquisite, and it offers a lovely terrace and cozy cave rooms (though like the abovementioned hotel, not all of them are authentically caves, so inquire if that is a strict selling point for you).

Guests have raved about the Turkish breakfast and the roof terrace from which you can watch the balloons in the morning.

Each room has central heating and an en-suite bathroom and garden views, however, if you are traveling summer, keep in mind that this hotel does not have air conditioning. While generally the stone construction keeps rooms cool, if there is a heat wave I would imagine it could get uncomfortably hot.

Check guest reviews, prices, and availability here

Here’s a sample room pictured below: