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Discovering Tirana and Beyond

Albania is a country of over 2.8 million people – and even more Albanians live outside of the country, due to the large worldwide diaspora. Of their population, nearly half a million live in the busy capital city, Tirana. 

It’s hard talking about Albania without talking about the country’s past. For decades, Albania was under one of the most repressive communist regimes in 20th-century history, under the rule of Enver Hoxha. Hoxha’s legacy is still visible in the landscape of Albania, in the hundreds of thousands of bunkers which now dot the countryside. 

But Albania is more than its difficult past. The country has a wealth of beautiful landscapes. From the pristine mountains of the Albanian Alps to the turquoise-blue deep springs called ‘Blue Eyes’ to still deep blue lakes to the stunning cerulean beaches all up and down the Albanian Riviera, there are so many amazing spots in the country. The cities are busy and vibrant, with a rich cultural tapestry of mosques, churches, museums, and galleries. 



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